Discordian Postcard Conspiracy, Series B #217

0403171832aFlying through the noise,
the thought form of
the new glyph
suddenly rang out,
artillery-stunning, bell-clear.
Enjambed by the
adjacent schemata,
an entirely new methodology
suddenly precipitated. It
was still an assemblage of
familiar, basic, elements, yet
she was sure none had prev-
iously applied it. Be still, a
moment, to let the form be
fixed. To the pen she sprung,
& by what passes for metrology
in linguistics, piled on and assessed
some feathers, bells, & whistles.
The explorable cross-section of
the phase space yawned, of a
suddenaity gobsmackingly broad…..

This one was not sent on one of my cards and was unsigned, so if the recipient has figured it out it will have been by her own efforts. It was, for once, sent to someone who’s work I’m actually familiar with, Kory Stamper, Merriam-Webster lexicographer, blogger, and author of Word by Word: The Secret Life of Dictionaries

Also, Synaptic Syntactic: of unbounded phases and entangled echoes has finally been sent, although I fear I may have made some errors and need to redo something before it goes all the way through; always click save on the final file? But that may yet be updated by their system, cannot see yet at the moment.

Hexylmathemagica @/-> Aumakua

Discordian Postcard Conspiracy
Series B, #176

From a March Tupelo Press 30/30 poet

Introspecting over the imp-
lements of propaganda, one
gives 3 thoughts to the
aumakuas delineated in the
exchange on principles of
Hexylmathemagica.. Most
of what was heard floating
about the rumor mill had the
character of expected dissolut-
ion of the authoritarians’
constellation of influence.
Yet the rumor mill was no
guarantee of the future. Word
on the street & graffiti pointed “resist”

To a staffer at meditation publication

Image: olukai.com : journal : url image : Google Image terms: aumakua graffiti

Tupelo Press 30/30 Project + Art + PoemCard

Invocation collage – Casting yourself as a spell – base 2014 (?) – top 2015 (?) – most image swivel/xacto-knifing 2011

I’ve been selected to be one of Tupelo Press’ 30/30 Project poets for March. 30 poems in 30 days going to their rather larger-than-mine platform/audience. Part of the deal is that I also make an effort to fundraise for them. One of the options is a year’s subscription series (9 books for $99, & you can choose from prior years back to 2009 as well). Tupelo Press is a non-profit press and they’ll be setting a page up for that through Network for Good. This will be my first non-self publishing credit other than the short-lived Purple Pig Lit ezine.

Meanwhile, to get the Message of the Days (target: ~2.5 a week) I post to Psychic Fugue Studio by email, occasional announcements, and a copy of the 3 sample poems and bio that got me the gig, please fill out the contact form at bottom. I’ll be using MailChimp, and I don’t really know how it works yet, but unsubscribe links should be included in every email.

( { [ . POEM . ] } )

Calculating Toadstools
Discordian Postcard Conspiracy, Series B #171

Above border: From a 3/17 Tupelo Press 30/30 project selectee

They went by hex, they went
by text, they went with art
& nitrous carts, they went along
on callousy foots. They found
the Flots that gobbled dots, they
knew who was the man to see,
they altered coats and rolled up
goats, they had too many shots
for me. They knew the time,
it didn’t rhyme, but each
loose cannon heard his chime,
and in the end, your ear to bend,
your coat, your heart, your
mind, push send. A fallow
field, a toe unfelt, a time to dance…

:: to be sent to an NYC poet

Additionally, Synaptic Syntactic is finally near completion of revisions and is estimated to be in all major ebook markets worldwide by 3/21 at the latest (BookBaby has a 3 week turnaround time from submission to publication.

Creative Dynamics, draft idea, from Series B card #115

Dynamic Jinx – youtube

[City] Creative Dynamics / Creative Chaos
Mixed Light Theater Pranks

Card Text:
Being hit by a Chaos Ball
(TM), there are 3 rules.
1. Address all strangers as
‘Bob’. 2. If they object,
say ‘Jinx!’ or alternately,
‘Jiggens!’, & run away.
& 3. At the Witching Hour
(2:35am, precisely), write
these rules in sidewalk
chalk or spray paint. Now,
since I have your attention,
Ideas & choices runneth over.
Balance is the work of a lifetime.
[/Card Text]

Idea being, the mixin of a flash mob all concurring the rules before hand
Other things, mixup of multiple word substitutions, as in The Poet in Convalescence
Or a list of words to substitute – but instead of a fixed substitution for common things or things in news of the moment, seize on any word the other party uses . . .

Unlike in the dream, most people will be unlikely to all be taken in. Flash mobs are a known thing. Insisting that you knew someone and x y and z … Hazard of more mentally unstable people …
Word of mouth fake news? But how to spin that a positive outcome for us? The whole fake news thing militates consistently for Trump-Chumps.

Anyway, sort of some ideas for a meetup group. A group to chatter over IRC or titanpad..

Communications strategies out of normal bounds and normal channels.. in general. As the postcard project. As the flyer idea. As the EDDM [no idea what this means anymore] plan. Spread around to the right people. Of course it can easily spread further. And no, unexpected artworks are not the only use. So, people who lack the confidence to their art will pick it up anyway, I think. If I bring it out right.

Top image credit

Gnar & Jinx fan art

Bottom image credit

guess the google image search terms…


Flash Fiction – Free Contest

Million Spider Rain

Postcard #138, Series B

Vindication of the weather
was found later.. Although
there were dinged cars, there
were found in the melt
diamonds that had rained
down. As word got out of
the small town’s freak storm,
when most had stopped scou-
ring the ground, it was
heard on twitter that the
diamond rain had unique
coloration in a very narrow
band, making them all the more
valuable… fences went up
around fields. In only a week
came the first shooting
of a night-walker
(“trespassing thief,” said
shooter); some blessings
are mixed indeed.

Thought of submitting this to a contest, but their theme is comedy this month, and this didn’t strike me as exactly comedy. Free contest with cash prize: Worldwide Flash Fiction Contest

Image source: Some Ecards – news



Seeding Chaotic/Emergent Information Flows: another method (++addendum,++)

Relevant post on main blog Mindfire Cantata to do with the writing of incantations or what-have-you on paper money

Have a bunch of cards typed up that were sent some time ago. But my routine fell apart. Then I decided to try and submit to the top 50 lit mags according to Every Writers Resource in a short period.. so pondered saving the texts for submissions mining. Progress halting.

(not to go into all the endless details)

Also have a stack ready to mail, except still needing numbering, typing up, and links. Missed target to complete sending the whole battery for delivery pre-inauguration. But I imagine this serves the over-arching flow the Unity of the Multiverse in some fashions…

Aside from the ones I’ve addressed & set aside for when I complete my ebook revision, the remaining card stack after the completion of Series B is small (80ish at a guess). And I may repurpose some for after the ebook, DC area bookshops. I think I will do some more postcards after. Stay tuned. I’ll post something. Have one post of an idea for flash mobs and the card text that inspired it from a long-delivered missive ready. But I’ll do another card series at some point after, though may limit the focus (was thinking ‘order only 250?’ but realizing 1000 costs little more than 250, I figure I may get the whole K, but limit the focus on the project. This is largely contingent on ‘WHEN COOPER GETS A JOB’, though (hopefully very soon).

Additionally, 2nd to last post over there (revolutionary medicine/communication ideas! {likely to work. hope so very much}), Untested Novel No-Tech Communication System for Non-Speaking ALS Patients including with Diminished Eye Gaze Control

Additionally, real simple & inexpensive mass mailing program: Every Door Direct Mail a USPS service .. you send to an entire mail route, but must be able to deliver the post to a post office. But much lower barrier to entry than than traditional bulk mail systems. If combined with Print on Demand – Infiniprint options, could send 2-700 DIFFERENT mail pieces per blast (for a route of 500, $90 postage plus print cost).

[[[ IMG: Placer Land Trust ]]]

Series B – Cards #54-58

Fortune Telling Parrot + Cage
Fortune Telling Parrot + Nasty Cage

Got yr wrk cur out fr u, ind-
eed. Nosferatu waits by the
doorway. He will not be persua-
ded to diet on wheatgrass &
hemp milk easily. Do not be
discouraged. The ship of sta-
te steers like a blunderbuss
beset by squirells & parrots.
Most are incensed; the scent
is sandalwood. Overland, the
soothsayers grow wings &
endogenous peptides of novel
types. Rebinding & cleansing
happens, but daily rites of
unbinding are the way. Entangle.

::: continuation… of sending surprises to therapists in the 20003 and 10022 nearby areas. haven’t been keeping records of which specific cards go where; but that is likely to hold. some have been sent to DC poets. But 40ish are still unposted. I’ve finished addressing all the therapist cards that are getting written, but 30-40 are still unwritten. the Synaptic Syntactic manuscript has been my major procrastination/stumbling block, but made a lot of progress yesterday. Many cards need to partly promote that, so it’s near time to switch over :::

Instrumentally deficient, the
Chaos-Clowns assaulted the
Dream-Barricade. Lit up &
instantiated, a mine of summer
sunlight was wrought in the
edging of the Liminal Plane.
All Olly Osten Free was the
cry… But Down In The Park, on
the other hand, was another
story. Clipping the minions’ ear
lobes to dissuade their defection
was not fantastic to think any
more. Overland, the silence
grew deeper. Overland, the Fai-
ries intensified their trickster
ways. Everything seems a symbol of
something else.

Of course, vigilance is only a
fractional part of the equation.
Fraggles & Smurfs & Alf & Gob-
lin Kings reign in the under-
story of consciousness. Perhaps
a new set of Memes is called
for… A paper on the windshield
is easily done, & less easily
skipped over. The Notwist
determines the spin. But The
Naught determines the charge.
Thorium reactors produce no
weapons material but have been
ignored since the beginning.
At the nexus of hope & lunacy is
the key. Spin not, but resimmer.

Illumination can sometimes
be detrimental to the best
path. No features of derealization
are present. No questionable
entanglements were found, but
that does not mean there were
none.In the backwards tumble
of memory, fall into the void.
In the methodical spin of
photons, see the potency of
Spark & Sparkle. Clear up the
debris & move on…. No one is
paying you to be a basket case.
JK! Let this be the end point
of diminishment of terms. A
preponderance of needles chose.

Limitless vigilantism.. Vigilant
. Limitless. Instantaneous slope
can be measured only on the
complex plain. Loss? It is not
determinate yet… Purges?
Time will tell. The mountain
of deceit did not pan out. The
appointment of monstrosities
continues. Yet we survived GWB
Loss… [square] Determinate fallacies
are one way deflecting, yet
becoming overtly active in
more creative ways is a poss-
ibility. Elementally shrinking
& crinkling & tap dancing & flowing


Inspiration: watchout4snakes: With the intuitive grandmother studies her derivative system.

Message of the Day: Psychic Fugue Studio
10 Learnings from 10 years of Brain Pickings:
5. When people tell you who they are, Maya Angelou famously advised, believe them. Just as important, however, when people try to tell you who you are, don’t believe them. You are the only custodian of your own integrity, and the assumptions made by those that misunderstand who you are and what you stand for reveal a great deal about them and absolutely nothing about you.
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