Discordian Postcard Conspiracy, Series B #217

0403171832aFlying through the noise,
the thought form of
the new glyph
suddenly rang out,
artillery-stunning, bell-clear.
Enjambed by the
adjacent schemata,
an entirely new methodology
suddenly precipitated. It
was still an assemblage of
familiar, basic, elements, yet
she was sure none had prev-
iously applied it. Be still, a
moment, to let the form be
fixed. To the pen she sprung,
& by what passes for metrology
in linguistics, piled on and assessed
some feathers, bells, & whistles.
The explorable cross-section of
the phase space yawned, of a
suddenaity gobsmackingly broad…..

This one was not sent on one of my cards and was unsigned, so if the recipient has figured it out it will have been by her own efforts. It was, for once, sent to someone who’s work I’m actually familiar with, Kory Stamper, Merriam-Webster lexicographer, blogger, and author of Word by Word: The Secret Life of Dictionaries

Also, Synaptic Syntactic: of unbounded phases and entangled echoes has finally been sent, although I fear I may have made some errors and need to redo something before it goes all the way through; always click save on the final file? But that may yet be updated by their system, cannot see yet at the moment.

New Postcards, series B #30-35


Continuing with mail to those in ‘helping’ (therapy, social work, etc) industry, though they may be less surprised now, since I still haven’t gotten through all the names I decided to use from that one website.

Intricate workings of the
webs of receptors & dend-
rites collude to smash
what is ‘known’ by others.
No sequence of right answers
will release you from mys-
tery. It is, instead, like
Zen riddles. No unanswered
traumas appear. Yet all
untoward stimuli seem like
falling to dust… Diminish not
but turn; empty not but
refactor. Loss is only one name
of the Spirit. Become inanimate
[..for a minute..]

Flinders spin off from the
lightning strikes. Not being
sure is always a part of
meeting the Jabberwock.
Come undone & unwire the
spinerettes. But on the other
case, be careful of the disc-
laimers. Reroute that rat-
maze away from Contracts
& licenses. Rethink things
carefully. Rearrange the
brickwork of your armoring
At least then some things
would change!

Snarking along like the
rodeo clowns, he opens the
pathways of endogenous
tryptamine synthesis…
The effect is not as expe-
cted.. Rattling a gourd full
of finger bones, the spirit
met is reminiscent more of
Voodoo beings than self-trans-
forming machine elves..
But then the questions began
& he lost track of time:
“How does one frack cognitive
phase-space righteously,
without invasiveness?”…

Slimer trumps Casper every
time…. But what of the
incorporeals who were
non-physical even before they
died? How does one relate
to topwise or looking-glass-
ways spirits of other
multiverses? Though some
few have had the exper-
ience of Pentad Dimension-
ality.. . It is not necessary
to look to Symmetry for
answers, but neither is it prohib-

Freezing between hops
across planes of becoming,
she begins to strew sparks
everywhere in the hopes
of kindling an inferno. The
moon-mice & the deep space
ants, while always up to the
trickeries of catching
hominids in their traps,
still they must vacation
some time, & that is the
opportune time to cross. To
cross again is not to cross, btw.

Fragments of stillness def-
eat all shreddings of ego. I
do believe, all of us, one way
or some nother, belabor our
opinions excessively.. Shout
not but descend; a touch of
Hades never hurt anyone.
Let one thought clarify
that which befuddles the
heart of hearts… Clear
the area. Make way for
fire dancers & hallucinatory
dreams. Do not dream, but be.

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Postcards Series B #24-29

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Continuing on in aiming at people involved in “helping” professions/industry.

Some things do not dither.
Altogether dancing, round &
round the maypole… query
not for diamonds, nor for
glia, but see into the heart
of the northern minx. See
that the paperclip chain of
dreams is brought to fruition.
A series of errors collapses
into new & unexpected forms
Alack & Arrak! The studious
sleeper sparks into ideopath-
ic grief. A moment’s thought
A moment’s recklessness…

The catfish in the mud
toil & they do spin … Recall
it, the old Monkey & the
Coconut trick.. Become re-
wired to the tunes of ancient
astronauts .. But this is
idle; no one has a dream
anymore.. Rescind & Replant
, the spaceship-greenhouse
is coming for thee. How is
it that Alice can pronounce
15,000 tones of music at once
? To this, only I hold the
key. Do not discard the bones..

Frickin’ Frack…. this place
is filled with old bed springs
& radiators & dead tube
TVs… what could ever grow
here? Ah, but I do see
a weedy flowering vine
trying to come in .. Amazing
with such darkness about
… Chaos-clear, the magistr-
ates decree that all will
be abandoned & reset. The
endless cat & mouse game
shall continue. The Ancient of
Days calls you to clarify your

Sequence of thoughts accrues
individual meaning, yet all
chimerical. Not to be taken
too softly or too serious,
she is weathered by stages
of crumpulous drama .. So
much for sunk time! Yet
in the morning, yet again,
a new sun; Yet each eve,
yet again, the ominous
pitch black. Pay no mind to
the gremlins just now! It is
late, but you purge text w/o

Oracle restricts latitude
while also supporting. Yet
sometimes we must also
break constraints. Let no
fruit bat pass unsaluted.
While samizdat was before
mimeograph, yet even
telegrams become interc-
epted, still the onward
march of reason does not
abate. *zzzz* let not the
American Irrationalism get
you down; it is but a partial illus

Stilting along like endless
egrets in the endless mirrors
of the mists of the marsh…
No end of trouble to this
phantasm ‘true love.’ The
inner workings begin to
silt up, and dead cars pile
interminably … Only an atom
blast would re-clear the
reservoir. So many rat-squ-
irells swarm over the skele-
tal refugees of capitalism’s
aspirations. Don’t be a hero.

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Postcards, Series B #17-#23

Goonflower – Moblog.net

Today I begin a phase where I am sending cards largely to people involved in the ‘helping’ industries (Websites involved in therapy, transformation, what have you.. individual practitioners.. & more..)

The picture of emergence
Shows itself only to the savvy
With sparks from basal ganglia
See through the faces
Watch their operant calculat-
. . ing constructs
Like a great giant
Being driven by invisible
. . hummingbirds –
Each to their own agendas
Stacking & reshuffling sedu-
. . lously & methodically
Flashing wildly when insight
. . comes/ Unwire the forecasts

Fragments – become tail
ends of historical revelat-
ions. Seven clues stuck
by covalent bonds; no
stretch to the frame of
reference too far. Clearing
the area of cosmic rays,
she alerts the others to
the hovering presence
of abstract hexes. Not-
ing down the time, looking
to the chaos trees, spinning
divinatory flywheel, the aura

Animals in exile see that
it was not always so. No
artisanship can reclaim
lost time. However – …
in shade of gloaming
shadow, seek for amulets
& talismans. More than
just wordy etheric spell-
casting is needed. Yet be-
ware of itemized deductions.
Overland, they conducted
total syntheses of the
queen bees, three. Untie before
the chains become fast.

A chain of depletion sinks
the formula’s terms into the
bog. While no tendency to
bestiality was detected, yet
do not, I repeat do not, let
the Piskies sneak up on you.
While the interiority of the
self-symbol, vapid, I know,
but still tricked out with
the parts of old Triumph
Iron Horses… So see that
you do not wangle too many
artifice, yet do not neglect
to bloom either

Seeing none but the mirror,
yet in that glass, 1000
faces. Seeming ever to
be ready, yet alas, cann-
ot coax them out. While
no demonoids tagged along
this eve, yet I was put in
mind of their tricksy ways.
All under the apotheosis of
anarchy, I exited the wash
room with new resolve. Seeing
as all had detangled, I took
a new spring in my step.

Helter skelter & hell-for-
leather across the fruited
lunar plain, they made
manifest & personified with
speed. By hook or by crook,
all the chosen profess-
ions took turns redefining
the frame by partial fact-
orizations, although some,
as it were, such as acco-
untants, only refashioned
the window dressings. An
implicit dragon’s egg unfolded, and

Not to oversell, but the magic
beans can turn your goat
into a dragon….. Forgotten
whales transposed into the
Earth’s interior ocean,
yet still return occasionally
to prank the submarines &
the aliens. While none could
say it was precisely disa-
llowed, it was still a bit
of a tightrope walk. Alw-
be careful to drink &
derive without scruple….

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v2 will have a new title as well as format corrections and revisions (‘Synaptic Syntactic: of unbounded phases & entangled echoes’ – aside from being all around better, much better search words)

I have a couple hundred cards addressed to independent bookstores for my next marketing push, but the funding to get into print is held up … Hopefully I will be able to get Dad’s backing for the ebook push (BookBaby $150, comes with a lot of goodies for promotion..) in the next couple days rather than having to wait for paychecks to start coming in (speaking of which, need to turn in that application tomorrow) … Things do go so much easier without drink.. He said he’d cover publishing, but not until paychecks start coming has now been stipulated..

6 Postcards – 3-29-2016 Send


528th Card

From a Louisville KY Poet
Reality takes you by the
horns and shakes your
sorrows from you. The
excesses wondrously
produced startling
new things. Retooling
and regluing, reshaping
and renaming, you find
the useful in the long
night and days’ disorg-
anized screed. Ballyhoo!
Sent to a Florida Literary Review

530th Card

From a Louisville KY Poet
May actually submit to
you. A poem: The all nig-
ht work on the new game
concept and novel was
disorganized , but i co-
uld still grasp it. Jail
time is no easy thing.
You can fail even at things
you don’t want. *crosses
fingers* Snippets of semantics
and game theory
Sent to a New York literary magazine

531st Card

From a Louisville KY Poet
In the springlines of the
bounce, the fractal geo-
metries, ever shifting,
found their momentary
join, and two people with
slightly different memories
and histories switched
places across universes
across the low energy
gradient. But none was the
Sent to a literary magazine with a 666 address

532nd Card

From a Louisville KY Poet
Misery bespeaks of sol-
itude, except when sol-
itude speaks of joy. A
small man picks up a small
doll, and is immediately
struck by lightning.
Invoices for chaos supp-
lied will be forthcoming.
Dream not of wisdom, but
wish for fluidity of tongue
when enraged.
Sent to Jack Kerouac

534th Card

From a Louisville KY Poet
I could easily… No let
us not. We must not. How
many ways are there to
a Sunday? How many 4
leafed clovers in the
world this instant? Who
is the Buddha who makes
the grass green? When
by stitches, leap 3 ditches.
When by wires, find
new hires. Scattershot.
Sent to a Texas literary magazine

537th Card

Rip-offs come and they
go. But ever unpredictable
when. I have also been a
collagist. When the night
comes, you have your wings.
The dreams of the fathers
were not like ours. Or like,
but with future distorted
in a million ways. Eccent-
ricity and synchronicity
are rife. In your head you
make up failures. Overcome
Sent to The Collagist literary magazine


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5 postcards out of 26+ to be sent


477th Card

From a Louisville Poet
A balance is struck
between our endeavors
No chances found for
reward. I was very
influenced by “Chaos”
But no time for this.
Later we see who is
right. Now we are
as frogs in the boiling
pot. Be the butterfly
that changes things. La!
Sent to the author of “Chaos”

476th Card

From a Louisville Poet
The many ways you have
found to become other
than who you are. Or is it
to become more of who
you are? Imperfect are
we all. Some more than
others. The channel
switch takes us to
alien slave revolts. Very
very many of them. Best
wishes from a donor
Sent to Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies

484th Card

From a Louisville Poet
The alienation of the
citizens became acute.
All the terrors were
lost. All the unifying
symbols. The craziness
was posted and expanded
upon. The network
spread its tendrils.
The clarity of the lone
thinker was ever more.
Feeling loose, he stood, and departed
To a NYC poetry bookstore

495th Card

From a Louisville Poet/Artist
The method of retrench-
ment was fatal for some
People seen sleeping here
all the time now. Chaos
theory is in force. Loss
of keys is not effecting
We take them and bake
them up. We starve and
consider choices. We
allow for others to trust
us. We see what
cannot be seen. Allowances
for truth were minimal. La!
Sent to a (possibly defunct) Louisville art studio/gallery

496th Card

From a Louisville KY Poet
Sticks and stones…
But ‘As You Disintegrate’,
So you will see. The
wreckage of the night
was found everywhere.
The neologisms were of
trouble. Your wife finds
you with a spilled bottle
of scotch, passed out.
Nighttime weather. Night-
time dryads. A long spliff
of Grace. Fundament!
Sent to a NYC indy bookstore

Signal of Displeasure (Postcards 451,450,448)


450th Card

From a Louisville poet
Recipient TITLE: Mischief Peddler
Munchkins become Oompa
Loompas on this side of the
mirror. But when you say
to can it, I only do more.
The loading codes are known
to you. The Angels’ Envy
resides in your hip flask.
Your six gun is a hair trig-
ger. Your envy is unspeak-
able, but your clothing
also smokes. The thermo-
nuclear power of suns in a
metal can. Whence the dyad?
Sent to a Los Angeles bookstore listed on pw.org
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451st Card

From a poet/activist
Recipient TITLE: Sower of Rebelliousness
As it would seem, the Earth
could one day run out of
oxygen. It could start as
soon as 2100. If the phyto
plankton near the top of
the sea get too warm, and
we are left with 1/3 as
much O2 production as
before. This while 90%
of $5.3 trillion in fossil fuel
subsidies annually. And only
$100 billion ‘promised’ at COP21
Sent to a Los Angeles literary nonprofit that works particularly with 6-18 year olds

448th Card

From a Louisville poet
Recipient TITLE: Chief Lickspittle
The splicing of the films
proceeded apace with the
splicing of the virus into
your sequences. While
chaos theory are nightly,
Emergence is slow to pro-
ceed. You feel not the flut-
terby, but you do feel the
storm. When one by one,
we go marching, when two
by two, well, then we dance.
Sent to an Indiana small press
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