Discordian Postcard Conspiracy, Series B #217

Flying through the noise, the thought form of the new glyph suddenly rang out, artillery-stunning, bell-clear. Enjambed by the adjacent schemata, an entirely new methodology suddenly precipitated. It was still an assemblage of familiar, basic, elements, yet she was sure none had prev- iously applied it. Be still, a moment, to let the form be […]

New Postcards, series B #30-35

Continuing with mail to those in ‘helping’ (therapy, social work, etc) industry, though they may be less surprised now, since I still haven’t gotten through all the names I decided to use from that one website. #30 Intricate workings of the webs of receptors & dend- rites collude to smash what is ‘known’ by others. […]

6 Postcards – 3-29-2016 Send

528th Card From a Louisville KY Poet —— Reality takes you by the horns and shakes your sorrows from you. The excesses wondrously produced startling new things. Retooling and regluing, reshaping and renaming, you find the useful in the long night and days’ disorg- anized screed. Ballyhoo! —— Sent to a Florida Literary Review 530th […]

Signal of Displeasure (Postcards 451,450,448)

450th Card From a Louisville poet Recipient TITLE: Mischief Peddler ——– Munchkins become Oompa Loompas on this side of the mirror. But when you say to can it, I only do more. The loading codes are known to you. The Angels’ Envy resides in your hip flask. Your six gun is a hair trig- ger. […]