One by One at Closeup – Series E #31-33

All cards in series E say “Applied Chaos Theory and Emergent Systems on a Shoestring Budget” on part of them. #31 What sort of a world do we find ourselves in wherein the people are monsters and the monsters are gentle elves? To take it blow-by-blow, one by one at closeup, we see that what […]

Creative Dynamics, draft idea, from Series B card #115

[City]¬†Creative Dynamics / Creative Chaos Mixed Light Theater Pranks Card Text: Being hit by a Chaos Ball (TM), there are 3 rules. 1. Address all strangers as ‘Bob’. 2. If they object, say ‘Jinx!’ or alternately, ‘Jiggens!’, & run away. & 3. At the Witching Hour (2:35am, precisely), write these rules in sidewalk chalk or […]