One by One at Closeup – Series E #31-33

All cards in series E say “Applied Chaos Theory and Emergent Systems on a Shoestring Budget” on part of them. #31 What sort of a world do we find ourselves in wherein the people are monsters and the monsters are gentle elves? To take it blow-by-blow, one by one at closeup, we see that what […]

Signal of Displeasure (Postcards 451,450,448)

450th Card From a Louisville poet Recipient TITLE: Mischief Peddler ——– Munchkins become Oompa Loompas on this side of the mirror. But when you say to can it, I only do more. The loading codes are known to you. The Angels’ Envy resides in your hip flask. Your six gun is a hair trig- ger. […]

390th-392nd Postcards

390th Card From a Kentuckian —– Entwine and consider, revolt and rejoice! Afli- tter and twitter, glow and demand. Psychedelic revolution and liberation an end to the depredations of the republic. Blast and determine. Harpies and banshees do not preclude you. It is only the tremulous voices on _______________________ the other end. ————— Sent to […]