Postcards, Series B #17-#23

Seeing none but the mirror,
yet in that glass, 1000
faces. Seeming ever to
be ready, yet alas, cann-
ot coax them out. While
no demonoids tagged along
this eve, yet I was put in
mind of their tricksy ways.

Resequenced Mischief

427th Card From Louisville TITLE: Grand Poobah ——– The trend is not forever up and up, but sideways and corkscrew. Watch for errant blackholes as you massage author egos and body parts. While not disconnecting from torsos, heads float and distort reality into shapes of beauty and truth. Dissoci- ation from ego is key to […]

Unnumbered Mischief

I have started assigning the recipients titles… 421st Card From a poet / activist TITLE: Mistress of Mischief ——– When the One Ring and when the Lamb? When to attack $5 trillion in perverse foss- il fuel subsidies is while the oil is cheap. When the twinkling eyes full of mischi- ef show us the […]

390th-392nd Postcards

390th Card From a Kentuckian —– Entwine and consider, revolt and rejoice! Afli- tter and twitter, glow and demand. Psychedelic revolution and liberation an end to the depredations of the republic. Blast and determine. Harpies and banshees do not preclude you. It is only the tremulous voices on _______________________ the other end. ————— Sent to […]

393rd to 396th Postcards

393rd Card Testing you. We do all the things to which we are allowed, and some to which we are not, my Demonoid, and yet… See EULA. See disclaim er. See License Terms and mortgage agreement. No freedom under land- lordism. Chaos of the flies. Batten down and refine ————- Sent to a Philadelphia newspaper […]