This is part of a project I’m doing to send nearly 1000 postcards (some being distributed blank) of my design (front):


It began in support of two articles, not that the cards were about the articles, most contained poems in the text block, but all cards had bit.ly links to them Global Warming Disaster Could Suffocate Life on Earth and ROAR Magazine: 3 Reasons the Paris Climate Deal is a Fraud . Eventually I put up a site outlining the information: Save the Oxygen . And it is, of course also to get my work and name out there and to promote activism and organization generally. According to the article, some scientists believe that at our current rate, we could see the phytoplankton die-off within 100 years, which means loss of 2/3 of Earth’s O2 supply.

So I just, when I have some on hand, and feel like it, type up a few of the (every single one original; up to 532+ so far) verses or what-have-you that I put on the cards and throw it on this here site.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. i am into this. i’ll have a look through here. i am getting more into contemporary work that fulfills a function that has meaning, so… nothing more meaningful than doing our bit for the earth. i do small things. don’t drive, didn’t even learn. ride a bicycle, recycle everything, don’t eat meat & bother people about their impact, which makes me very unpopular at the parties i am never invited to.


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