Discordian Postcard Conspiracy, Series B #217

Flying through the noise, the thought form of the new glyph suddenly rang out, artillery-stunning, bell-clear. Enjambed by the adjacent schemata, an entirely new methodology suddenly precipitated. It was still an assemblage of familiar, basic, elements, yet she was sure none had prev- iously applied it. Be still, a moment, to let the form be […]

Hexylmathemagica @/-> Aumakua

Discordian Postcard Conspiracy Series B, #176 From a March Tupelo Press 30/30 poet Introspecting over the imp- lements of propaganda, one gives 3 thoughts to the aumakuas delineated in the exchange on principles of Hexylmathemagica.. Most of what was heard floating about the rumor mill had the character of expected dissolut- ion of the authoritarians’ […]

Tupelo Press 30/30 Project + Art + PoemCard

I’ve been selected to be one of Tupelo Press’ 30/30 Project poets for March. 30 poems in 30 days going to their rather larger-than-mine platform/audience. Part of the deal is that I also make an effort to fundraise for them. One of the options is a year’s subscription series (9 books for $99, & you […]

Creative Dynamics, draft idea, from Series B card #115

[City] Creative Dynamics / Creative Chaos Mixed Light Theater Pranks Card Text: Being hit by a Chaos Ball (TM), there are 3 rules. 1. Address all strangers as ‘Bob’. 2. If they object, say ‘Jinx!’ or alternately, ‘Jiggens!’, & run away. & 3. At the Witching Hour (2:35am, precisely), write these rules in sidewalk chalk or […]

Flash Fiction – Free Contest

Postcard #138, Series B Vindication of the weather was found later.. Although there were dinged cars, there were found in the melt diamonds that had rained down. As word got out of the small town’s freak storm, when most had stopped scou- ring the ground, it was heard on twitter that the diamond rain had […]


Seeding Chaotic/Emergent Information Flows: another method (++addendum,++) Relevant post on main blog Mindfire Cantata to do with the writing of incantations or what-have-you on paper money Have a bunch of cards typed up that were sent some time ago. But my routine fell apart. Then I decided to try and submit to the top 50 lit mags […]

Series B – Cards #54-58

#54 Got yr wrk cur out fr u, ind- eed. Nosferatu waits by the doorway. He will not be persua- ded to diet on wheatgrass & hemp milk easily. Do not be discouraged. The ship of sta- te steers like a blunderbuss beset by squirells & parrots. Most are incensed; the scent is sandalwood. Overland, […]