Series B – Cards #99-104


Smelting the whales’ bones in
the absence of nitrogen rend-
ers switchflipped antimatter….
All on the other methodical
palm, some snails were pon-
dering new prions for the
bipeds… But not to be said
or skewered, one before the
other was most unwound….
In all the alien alkaloid
grasses was a semblance of
other, a purpose for truth,
a notion of weatherbeaten
robustness, a concept of love.

::: continuation… of sending surprises to therapists in the 20003 and 10022 nearby areas :::

In the annals of dream-
time, there were many that
exceeded what most believ-
ed were hard boundaries…
This one is unique, to our
knowledge, but our knowl-
edge is really quite small.
The keys, however, are pref-
erably not blurted out every-
where. In times of rain, in
times of dust, in times of
each carefully selecting
their own singular tesserae,
we star on the motions of bees….

Somnambulism is not the only
effect, it is also hallucinog-
enic, though memory impairi-
ng. Atypical. But enough of th-
at! Collections of artisanal junk
drawers aside, there was
a mysterious sparkle in the
air… perhaps the Piskies had
been up to some of their more
benign sorts of tricksies (?)
Let not this vine restrain you,
let not this shine entrain you,
instead, check first for the
influence of our friend, Demonoid…..

The invasion of unlimited varie-
ties of speaking plants into the
bedroom… Over & over & over…
A shade of things to come after
the Oxygen Catastrophe. A vis-
ion of an unnoted oneirogen…
Stepping on the toes of the
powerful is hereby recommend-
ed & endorsed by The Five. So
mote it be. Let it be said that
altogether under the waves,
the heliotropes were assembl-
ing a crack coven of dreamers.
Underneath the geometry of this
continuum, another space, but not the

Interest? Checkmark. Spoiler?
Checkmark. Positive bank balance
…. oh, erm, why so many questions
eh? Hehe… Spinmasters may
have taken much of the mind sp-
ace, but we are not overrun
yet… So while the BattleToads
fight it out, we continue our
slow plod to something that
matters. Under all & becoming
two, the persona is spun into
Charon’s boat. (Only for a brief
visit, we promise). Yet underne-
ath it all, Demonoid was at play
with Cosmos’ dice. Rescatter….

Looks like a nice neighbor-
hood. I figured you lived in a
more downtown/hood-y area.
Nevermind. The poem. ::: Exp-
ect strings of slime molds to be
colonizing the lawn; in the pr-
ocess, become more of wha-
tever you are… Some thread
by silence & some by scream
Elimination of trivialities by
graffiti crews is enacted. No
questions mark the edges
right, & no manifesti get to
the bones of the matter…. do not
see disclaimers

Image: Antimatter Trap
Message of the Day: Psychic Fugue Studio
10 Learnings from 10 years of Brain Pickings:
5. When people tell you who they are, Maya Angelou famously advised, believe them. Just as important, however, when people try to tell you who you are, don’t believe them. You are the only custodian of your own integrity, and the assumptions made by those that misunderstand who you are and what you stand for reveal a great deal about them and absolutely nothing about you.
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Series B: Cards #89-93


::: These went out a while ago. Still covering parts of DC and NYC. Still sending to mental health professionals. Though some have now gone to poets, too. The missing number will be posted, too. No more than one post a day. Many of the missing ones only went out on Friday, though. Image credit, link to postcard files, etc. at bottom. :::

In the annals of looking-
glass time, in the manner
of certain people, we found
a change of skin. Such as
the ways of moon-mice that
we knew of, there were
methods of breaking loose
minds from their injuries
& conceits. Afloat on the
associative (note: not commut-
ative) stream, he awoke to
a hidden mechanism crack-
ing into all his attempts at justice

Rapping on the walls, he
pondered whether there might
be hidden microphones. Wrap-
ping up the session, he consid-
ered new ways of motivat-
ing clients. Of course, every-
wants to be a poet…. Sti-
lling the mind, we check
whether each to the other is
chanting, the walls & the
vines & the pavements & the
ants. Seeing as it was so,
and the vines sounded as of
“budeok budeok” we eloped…….

Which between the 2 is the
roomier? Although head to
head comparisons. … Not really
what is done…. Yet the
gremlins in the walls are no
less than real. Producing
unwanted sorrow, the pre-
achers & old superstitions hid-
den down back alleys, they
create intense demands for
medecine…. The manic street
preachers (™), OTOH, create
instead entirely new imagined
cosmologies, often different every time.

Drop, Stop, & Troll. The stops
were ripped out of the cou-
rse, then. Among the morlocks,
people stood for something
real. Among the nightshades,
there was an overall change
in frequency distribution
curves of cognitions. Plants
do think, it is true! No
squamous pulsations of the
cellular matrix…. No peace
or silence… No upset… Just
the ringing empty. Let be, Let
be, Let be, Let do.

The rotations were said, but
not mutated. Rote, as it were.
Altering the words to fit the
moment & circumstance is ent-
irely correct. So. Let it be
said that no one could have
broken those codes without
dream contact. Let us see
what shakes out. No indoor
seances for spirits known to ha-
ve been claustrophobic, please,
no, no, no. So beyond the drag-
on’s eggs & fountains of youth, there
was overall a smell of fried onions..

Image: bittersweet nightshade plant
Message of the Day: Psychic Fugue Studio
10 Learnings from 10 years of Brain Pickings:
5. When people tell you who they are, Maya Angelou famously advised, believe them. Just as important, however, when people try to tell you who you are, don’t believe them. You are the only custodian of your own integrity, and the assumptions made by those that misunderstand who you are and what you stand for reveal a great deal about them and absolutely nothing about you.
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Series B -#48-53


Continuing on in sending these thingamajigs to therapists in certain areas. In this case within 5 miles of 20003. Delaying publication in most cases, so that in case someone checks the site (from word, perhaps, getting around?) they wouldn’t see a card destined for them that hasn’t come yet. [[Image credit at bottom]]

Getting to be about time for it
… cease the dither & dally.. No
spectacles can shine through
walls, but burning the carc-
asses of the great beasts felled
by climate or pandemic will
need to be hidden away to
manage the fumes. No serial-
izations of elemental vapidity
were wrought, but under the
logs & leaves, frogs & toads
do bide time & hang out.
Trust not Faeries, except
when you ought. Magic infin-
ite facing mirrors surround you..

Rejuvenated by error, the
seeker was in awe of
herself. After some moments
she set off, bemused, further
down the mushroomed path.
Although unclear on the conc-
ept, she knew that somehow,
this was her grace. Around
the corner she jumped at the
sight of the Sprite of Super-
latives. Knowing not what to
say, she babbled: “How can it
not be so when it was ever
thus? Who makes the mix tapes?”

…I did not ever manage to
recall that particular name.
No one knew a person of that
description, nor had anyone
heard of any such plant for
smoking. A question that
ever after nibbled at the
back of my mind. It was,
rather, a delight of a myst-
ery though, not an irritation
or a dread or an obsession.
I became other than what I
was. I became the universe.
All prior narrative lost its
sense. For brief minutes….

Elementals swirled about her
form as she, oblivious, wor-
ked up her 3rd sketch in the
series, which she had just be-
gun to think of as cryptograms
of revealed biochemistry. The
elementals had plans for these
sketches & concepts. There
was some degree of overlap
with her Not-fully-formed-
yet thoughts… But memetic
virality takes most creators
by surprise. Resembling nothing
so much as the spontaneous forma-
tion of stable electric neural nets in the

The depolarized fractions of
the hoi polloi were divided and
counted. But as the number of
dimensions of possible divisions
mutiplied, they soon became an
uncountable infinite set. Vert-
iginously swooning, Big Brother
ran headfirst into a lamp post.
Though some crossed paths
with March Hares, still most
were unconcerned with the
moving of the jet stream.
Sparkle Droplets (™) were
going around like chlamydia, yet
no one, this decade, was freaking out.

Overbearing or not, neverthe-
less, these are the choices
we have made. No one in their
right minds would think to be
the one to bring up Anansi, yet
it nevertheless came to pass.
Seeing the humility of the star-
beings, he proceeded to try to
test them. Tangling in his own
web of tricks, he made a spec-
tacle. Teeming with automated
functions, he still did not bec-
ome overblown, but instead
replicated over all the Interwebz
with his silliness & neural-speak.


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Psychedelic Film Criticism for the Already Deranged
Caretaker Sparkle: ROOM 237 [[<<film title]]

Postcards Series B – #42-47


Continuing on with my aim of sending these nubbins of seed to therapists, now, not involved website staff… Resisting my paranoia, I will tell you that I’m sending them to those therapists/counselors/social workers with listed offices in a 5 mile radius of zip code 20003, which is part of Capitol Hill.

Steroidal flabbergastry is
par for the course in such moments.
Replacement of ideas by click-
shocked imagery. A flashbulb
memory of momentous splint-
ering is truth or proof pos-
itive…. That of Those Some,
who eat the resultant space,
& the unease of flotsam &
detritus of wrong country,
wrong planet. Some gaps &
some questions remain…
A stimulant wreaks terr-
or at the synapse… elevate.

Shredderizing the spun
monkey-threads, each to
the other noted the singular
absence of havoc. Replicating,
the nanobots spread over the
carpet unceasing. A flip-
vector meta-meme passed
undetected. Virally rechanne-
ling, the storm was unaware
of the ant-like bipeds it
roiled. The mind-fog became
known to two-timers, but not
to those of questionable eco-
nomics. Rejiggering and retun-
ing, we inflated balloons and….

To those at the epicenter….
the eightball is not sunk, though
the weather will be getting
salty. Splitting hairs yet again
something is about to go into
a shift to the plasma phase.
Deep beneath & far beyond,
a thread of neural networks
has been at play in reordering
the peoples’ minds. Set & for-
get is the name of the day,
but nullification is yet still a
question they cannot grapple
with. Simply put, a cluster****.
[unsure whether the law allowed me to say ‘fuck’ on an exposed surface in the mail, I drew asterisks over it]

The circular logic of the situ-
ation screams out for the
programming in of an exit condi-
tion. Fry up & splatter it ag-
ainst the wall. Let nothing
be shredded but space &
dignity…. Serial appearances
of archangels on the dreamscape
signifies of a threatened
blooming. Restack & refold the
proteins & genomics without
error; know just how many
times to spin the errors &
wash your clocks …. underthrow

Reflecting how the meth-
ods & array fractions were
then encapsulated, the splork-
ing of the Cosmological Const-
ant shattered the multiverse’
threadways into facets of
surpassing grace. Honest
work for a plumber of the
ideograms’ syntactic semant-
ic vehicles. No sleep for
the weary nor sauce for the
entangled; what is seen is
unmade, what is felt is depr-
ogrammed, what is questioned is

Methodical tricksters, the
subspace mole-men re-routed
the race; through brambles &
ice floes, through alien phase-
spaces, through shaded grov-
es & hallucinatory hornets…
Letting no turn be unbroken,
they spiffed up the collectives
& prepared the mass motions.
Craftily channeling of the
questions, she awoke in re-
adiness for any dragons that
might turn corners. No words
unspoken, no whispers unechoed…..

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Postcards Series B – #36-41

1495501173047530307  [[click through to get GIF animation from above]]

Last batch to the psychology website people. shifting now, since I realized I have 2 directories to hand now, to individual therapists (again, per oracle advice), but instead of my current city, sending them to certain zip codes in a certain district… Therapists have influence and see numerous people day in, day out. A certain multiplier effect. Multiplier of what, who’s to say? since the verses are all different, only the postcard is the same.. But that begins, not with this batch, but the next post after.

Semantic skew bubbles like
a bioreactor. The puppies
flit down the aisle like flutt-
erbys, and when asked how it
was happening, she was all
like, “My mood is unicorns,
rainbows, & pokemon.” A
tremor was noted in the
chaparral. While too many
things took place, the
officiant intoned & all
cracked brews. No gnomes
were noted, but all saw the moss

Every plant turns to eye
you as you pass… There is
more than just chemotaxis to
this thread. Helical anxieties
are planted without too many
lumina. Sterility of the env-
ironment :: a green thumb
helps, but is not a total solu-
tion. Frizzle fraction is
told these things, but not
what your inner voice calls
you. Let it be said that
one is more than the sum of
one’s parts. Never become alien.

Note how the triangles do
proliferate. Which is not to
say that the infection is
in all ways equal.. Some
people are married in their
infancy, some grow best
for a time alone. Most are
unaware of how their lot
may be serving ill. No steg-
anography was found among
the illness, yet that is not to
say it was not listed some-
where far down the stultif-
ying page. Yet without axioms….

The scented frangipani bri-
ngs luck, yet is also utterly
useless. Some things are like
this; others require certain
knowledge. Nevermind… Rem-
ember, though, this: Always
make a thorough study of
the alkaloids in question, yet
keep in mind also that your
mileage may vary… Think
not of roses but of stones, not
of zombies but of rotary phones,
not of televisions, but of small
white mice. Be careful what you

Out in the wildness, we gath-
ered in a clearing surround-
ed by stones & brambles.
A slight punch to the energy
was all it took. The green
parrots h-appeared with a
rush of whoosh… Speaking,
they inquired. We told them
how it had stood in the public
houses we’d checked. ‘The
city is on the edge’, I said..
Parrots inquired what we needed.
Joshun declared that the over-
sight of the Star Crows was

The window shows a diff-
erent personality to different
sides & on different days. It
even appears different gender-
ed. Be careful of how you
speak; you might be mistaken
for the creepy clowns of the
deep forest. Count the net
expected receipts of that
which is antipodean to your
natural inclinations. Do not
neglect to ponder the science
of telepathy, nor to consider the

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New Postcards, series B #30-35


Continuing with mail to those in ‘helping’ (therapy, social work, etc) industry, though they may be less surprised now, since I still haven’t gotten through all the names I decided to use from that one website.

Intricate workings of the
webs of receptors & dend-
rites collude to smash
what is ‘known’ by others.
No sequence of right answers
will release you from mys-
tery. It is, instead, like
Zen riddles. No unanswered
traumas appear. Yet all
untoward stimuli seem like
falling to dust… Diminish not
but turn; empty not but
refactor. Loss is only one name
of the Spirit. Become inanimate
[..for a minute..]

Flinders spin off from the
lightning strikes. Not being
sure is always a part of
meeting the Jabberwock.
Come undone & unwire the
spinerettes. But on the other
case, be careful of the disc-
laimers. Reroute that rat-
maze away from Contracts
& licenses. Rethink things
carefully. Rearrange the
brickwork of your armoring
At least then some things
would change!

Snarking along like the
rodeo clowns, he opens the
pathways of endogenous
tryptamine synthesis…
The effect is not as expe-
cted.. Rattling a gourd full
of finger bones, the spirit
met is reminiscent more of
Voodoo beings than self-trans-
forming machine elves..
But then the questions began
& he lost track of time:
“How does one frack cognitive
phase-space righteously,
without invasiveness?”…

Slimer trumps Casper every
time…. But what of the
incorporeals who were
non-physical even before they
died? How does one relate
to topwise or looking-glass-
ways spirits of other
multiverses? Though some
few have had the exper-
ience of Pentad Dimension-
ality.. . It is not necessary
to look to Symmetry for
answers, but neither is it prohib-

Freezing between hops
across planes of becoming,
she begins to strew sparks
everywhere in the hopes
of kindling an inferno. The
moon-mice & the deep space
ants, while always up to the
trickeries of catching
hominids in their traps,
still they must vacation
some time, & that is the
opportune time to cross. To
cross again is not to cross, btw.

Fragments of stillness def-
eat all shreddings of ego. I
do believe, all of us, one way
or some nother, belabor our
opinions excessively.. Shout
not but descend; a touch of
Hades never hurt anyone.
Let one thought clarify
that which befuddles the
heart of hearts… Clear
the area. Make way for
fire dancers & hallucinatory
dreams. Do not dream, but be.

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Postcards Series B #24-29


Continuing on in aiming at people involved in “helping” professions/industry.

Some things do not dither.
Altogether dancing, round &
round the maypole… query
not for diamonds, nor for
glia, but see into the heart
of the northern minx. See
that the paperclip chain of
dreams is brought to fruition.
A series of errors collapses
into new & unexpected forms
Alack & Arrak! The studious
sleeper sparks into ideopath-
ic grief. A moment’s thought
A moment’s recklessness…

The catfish in the mud
toil & they do spin … Recall
it, the old Monkey & the
Coconut trick.. Become re-
wired to the tunes of ancient
astronauts .. But this is
idle; no one has a dream
anymore.. Rescind & Replant
, the spaceship-greenhouse
is coming for thee. How is
it that Alice can pronounce
15,000 tones of music at once
? To this, only I hold the
key. Do not discard the bones..

Frickin’ Frack…. this place
is filled with old bed springs
& radiators & dead tube
TVs… what could ever grow
here? Ah, but I do see
a weedy flowering vine
trying to come in .. Amazing
with such darkness about
… Chaos-clear, the magistr-
ates decree that all will
be abandoned & reset. The
endless cat & mouse game
shall continue. The Ancient of
Days calls you to clarify your

Sequence of thoughts accrues
individual meaning, yet all
chimerical. Not to be taken
too softly or too serious,
she is weathered by stages
of crumpulous drama .. So
much for sunk time! Yet
in the morning, yet again,
a new sun; Yet each eve,
yet again, the ominous
pitch black. Pay no mind to
the gremlins just now! It is
late, but you purge text w/o

Oracle restricts latitude
while also supporting. Yet
sometimes we must also
break constraints. Let no
fruit bat pass unsaluted.
While samizdat was before
mimeograph, yet even
telegrams become interc-
epted, still the onward
march of reason does not
abate. *zzzz* let not the
American Irrationalism get
you down; it is but a partial illus

Stilting along like endless
egrets in the endless mirrors
of the mists of the marsh…
No end of trouble to this
phantasm ‘true love.’ The
inner workings begin to
silt up, and dead cars pile
interminably … Only an atom
blast would re-clear the
reservoir. So many rat-squ-
irells swarm over the skele-
tal refugees of capitalism’s
aspirations. Don’t be a hero.

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