One by One at Closeup – Series E #31-33

All cards in series E say “Applied Chaos Theory and Emergent Systems on a Shoestring Budget” on part of them. #31 What sort of a world do we find ourselves in wherein the people are monsters and the monsters are gentle elves? To take it blow-by-blow, one by one at closeup, we see that what […]

6 Postcards – 3-29-2016 Send

528th Card From a Louisville KY Poet —— Reality takes you by the horns and shakes your sorrows from you. The excesses wondrously produced startling new things. Retooling and regluing, reshaping and renaming, you find the useful in the long night and days’ disorg- anized screed. Ballyhoo! —— Sent to a Florida Literary Review 530th […]

Signal of Displeasure (Postcards 451,450,448)

450th Card From a Louisville poet Recipient TITLE: Mischief Peddler ——– Munchkins become Oompa Loompas on this side of the mirror. But when you say to can it, I only do more. The loading codes are known to you. The Angels’ Envy resides in your hip flask. Your six gun is a hair trig- ger. […]

419th-415th Postcards

419th Card From a poet/activist ——– Cards just bursting with possibilities! When we connect do not let opportu- nities slide… No paucity of methods to reach out. Clues and codes, cognition and consciousness. The wild parrots of Los Angeles call for more demands against the systems of oppression. The lithe dryad is wise, and gathers […]

Poems and Divination and Protest!

Postcards now available for purchase! At Zazzle! Help a brother out… Customizable! You have now missed the sale on The Driftwood of Our Lives Washed Up on Some Foreign Shore! Help me Protest! fossil fuel subsidies Battle lines drawn No art in the tubes A line in the sand A gender schism? A lot for me to handle […]

402nd, 403rd Postcards

402nd Card Visions are for dust. Did you ever know of your guilt or were you mainly of the uncaringness of children, or merely of a sniping mind? Turn and recoil, back up and credit. File and save if you must, but the time is now. The loss will be on your headen. Batten down […]