Synaptic Syntactic is on Sale

70% off Synaptic Syntactic: of unbounded phases and entangled echoes
Today through Monday, 11:59pm Eastern Time
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Synaptic Syntactic is a book of abstract and contemporary poetry, and semantic line drawing artworks. In it, Demonoid and we all the small ones converse in the space between the individual and eternity. They travel the tales that lie in the cracks between self and society. The Jabberwock plots, inspires, and tampers. The poems speak of humanity impersonally and often break out into numinous non-sequiturs. Other parts weave more individual vignettes in the haphazard realm of humans. The ‘story’ wraps up with a meditation on violence and exuberance from the mouth of a gleeful chattering chaos. Much of the text is a product of partly or fully automatic writing, which was later selectively typed up and edited.

“Small Talk”

….but there wasn’t any error, all the lies –
:came together, no one questioned them;
{ all alerting others to the weather .
– singularly absent of demagogues ..:
:a spectacle was joined ever nightly *..
#inside, the notes were compiling upon a desk . . {



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