One by One at Closeup – Series E #31-33

All cards in series E say “Applied Chaos Theory and Emergent Systems on a Shoestring Budget” on part of them.


What sort of a world do we find ourselves in wherein the people are monsters and the monsters are gentle elves? To take it blow-by-blow, one by one at closeup, we see that what was remixed became straightened, and what was prohibited would always be in vogue. Take no chances with your prisoners, but fill authoritarian regimes with LSD.

Most of Series E has also had drawings of one sort or another, but not these three.


Who sweated every detail was also who cared nothing for the past. But a sweater was chosen. A penguin elected. A dub thrash musician elevated. A small girl sat as sole justice of the Supreme Court. Yet this is early, the riot does not yet conscresce.


The trick-timer went off, and he set aside the articles of confederation. Time for ancient political cartoons and screeds of polemic. At tea, the sparrows assented that never had it ever been thus & so, yet all deception, while his neighbor, the monster-truck driver, inserted a voice for the nomad, for the minimalist nature of needs he’d admired all his life.

Some of Series E are on my postcards, some on other types. They have been sent to various places, like mental health workers, ministers, independent bookstores, maker spaces, and perhaps things I’m forgetting, in diverse locations.

Series E also all have links as follows:

Drug Decriminalization in Portugal: A Health Centered Approach in the form of

An Open Mind: Sera Davidow Questions what we Think we Know About Mental Illness in the form of

And Hooked: Maia Szalavitz Debunks Myths About Addiction in the form of



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