Discordian Postcard Conspiracy – Series F 4-6

Series F #4

Applied Chaos Theory & Emergent Systems

Elements of grace fragmented and studded the dream. He felt like a hero. All was right with the world. On waking, he was back in his squalid apartment. Beer cans lined the floor, and his bank account held $52.31. But he had managed two days sober and a solid 5 hours of sleep the 2nd day. It would take some time to set things in order.

Series F #5

Applied Chaos Theory & Emergent Systems

The shock of the mega-turtle resounded through his dreaming mind. The blocks fell into place on the star-city. They rode forever through the interstellar night. But then he was awakened by a screaming six year old. His nerves felt deadened by the cookie cutter suburban monotony. The pills were lined up.

Series F #6

Applied Chaos Theory & Emergent Systems

Sleeping it off, he dreamed of nothing. In the morning, there was a strange dog in the house. Must not pass out with open windows on the porch, he thought. All in all, a crappy feeling. He dressed, got his wallet, grabbed the dog by the collar & put it out, then went to the liquor store. The bender would not end yet.

About Series F

The cards in Series F are being send to independent bookstores in or near cities listed on Wikipedia’s largest US cities list between numbers 200 and the end (places with less than 100,000 people are not listed). Also, cities away from areas I’ve sent mail to before (Louisville KY, the Bay Area, NYC, Washington DC, etc). I find the bookstores via indiebound.org . It pays to check the web site, in case they’ve folded or moved. As such shops that don’t list a website in their IndieBound entry are unlikely to get surprises.


Drawing detail from 2007 ‘Semantic Drift Engines’ or ‘Memetic Vector Spaces’ series. 7 of these are included in Synaptic Syntactic . Currently on sale 70% off through BookBaby with coupon code ‘synaptic’. Through Monday (3/26/2018) night, Eastern Time.


3 thoughts on “Discordian Postcard Conspiracy – Series F 4-6

  1. It could happen. The modular star city one is one I’ve had (minus the turtle). There is a book called ‘Dream Telepathy: Scientific Studies in the Paranormal’ I read long ago. The protocol seemed solid, although what was demonstrated was very minimal from an information theory perspective. Above chance though. And I think dreams often forelight possible futures. But they are possible futures out of many possibles.


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