One by One at Closeup – Series E #31-33

All cards in series E say “Applied Chaos Theory and Emergent Systems on a Shoestring Budget” on part of them. #31 What sort of a world do we find ourselves in wherein the people are monsters and the monsters are gentle elves? To take it blow-by-blow, one by one at closeup, we see that what […]

Series C, #16-19 ::: Discordian Postcard Conspiracy

  Knocked out 2 yesterday and 2 this morning. Got ’em in the mail this morning. Going to shoot for 3 a day. Should be much more relaxed, easier, now that I’ve got a job! (Starbucks). And a happy 33rd birthday to me today! — Series C # 16 To either a DC poet or […]

Discordian Postcard Conspiracy, Series C #15-11

Series C #15 To staff at a DC indie bookstore ~~ [above line]:Conspiritech’s Hexylmathemagica Cookies ~~ Flattery, Flattery, Flattery, Deception, Hypocrisy, Wilful Blindness, Chocolate Chips, Princess, & Care-Bears. One is never to measure twice, nor to cut. Not to eleveate, nor to debase. Bake for 3 years at 700 degrees, by turns in Iceland, by […]

Series C, #6-10, Discordian Postcard Conspiracy

Series C #6 To a Kentucky Author Perplexity wrought over with methodical literary potato- masher grenades. A shock of truth, a moment of grace, an islet of soveriegnty, a quest- ion of motives. The angular shape of the entities, that which hexie-hopped from out the picture frame, took on a characteristic glimmer of cloth os […]

Series B #228 Unsparing – the keynote ring- ing over the PA shambled & crackled. shaking off the fall- ing tiles, the established Archon made his way out. The idea! That a question could bring such a resp- onse. In a faint moment of clarity, he shocked himself by saying, “It wasn’t my fault. It […]

Series C, #5-1, Discordian Postcard Conspiracy

#5 Tempestuous & alarming, seductive yet ranting, cha- ined yet footloose & fancy- free, shake shakes out her old gear, she readies & plots, she strikes out for points west, looking-glass-ways of the monumental heads… A dash of pixie dust for the teacup tempest, a snare of gordian knots laid for Megawatt Tube’s visit, a […]

Discordian Postcard Conspiracy, Series B #217

Flying through the noise, the thought form of the new glyph suddenly rang out, artillery-stunning, bell-clear. Enjambed by the adjacent schemata, an entirely new methodology suddenly precipitated. It was still an assemblage of familiar, basic, elements, yet she was sure none had prev- iously applied it. Be still, a moment, to let the form be […]

Hexylmathemagica @/-> Aumakua

Discordian Postcard Conspiracy Series B, #176 From a March Tupelo Press 30/30 poet Introspecting over the imp- lements of propaganda, one gives 3 thoughts to the aumakuas delineated in the exchange on principles of Hexylmathemagica.. Most of what was heard floating about the rumor mill had the character of expected dissolut- ion of the authoritarians’ […]

Tupelo Press 30/30 Project + Art + PoemCard

I’ve been selected to be one of Tupelo Press’ 30/30 Project poets for March. 30 poems in 30 days going to their rather larger-than-mine platform/audience. Part of the deal is that I also make an effort to fundraise for them. One of the options is a year’s subscription series (9 books for $99, & you […]

Creative Dynamics, draft idea, from Series B card #115

[City] Creative Dynamics / Creative Chaos Mixed Light Theater Pranks Card Text: Being hit by a Chaos Ball (TM), there are 3 rules. 1. Address all strangers as ‘Bob’. 2. If they object, say ‘Jinx!’ or alternately, ‘Jiggens!’, & run away. & 3. At the Witching Hour (2:35am, precisely), write these rules in sidewalk chalk or […]