Series B – Cards #54-58

#54 Got yr wrk cur out fr u, ind- eed. Nosferatu waits by the doorway. He will not be persua- ded to diet on wheatgrass & hemp milk easily. Do not be discouraged. The ship of sta- te steers like a blunderbuss beset by squirells & parrots. Most are incensed; the scent is sandalwood. Overland, […]

Postcards Series B – #36-41  [[click through to get GIF animation from above]] Last batch to the psychology website people. shifting now, since I realized I have 2 directories to hand now, to individual therapists (again, per oracle advice), but instead of my current city, sending them to certain zip codes in a certain district… Therapists have influence and […]

New Postcards, series B #30-35

Continuing with mail to those in ‘helping’ (therapy, social work, etc) industry, though they may be less surprised now, since I still haven’t gotten through all the names I decided to use from that one website. #30 Intricate workings of the webs of receptors & dend- rites collude to smash what is ‘known’ by others. […]