Flash Fiction – Free Contest

Million Spider Rain

Postcard #138, Series B

Vindication of the weather
was found later.. Although
there were dinged cars, there
were found in the melt
diamonds that had rained
down. As word got out of
the small town’s freak storm,
when most had stopped scou-
ring the ground, it was
heard on twitter that the
diamond rain had unique
coloration in a very narrow
band, making them all the more
valuable… fences went up
around fields. In only a week
came the first shooting
of a night-walker
(“trespassing thief,” said
shooter); some blessings
are mixed indeed.

Thought of submitting this to a contest, but their theme is comedy this month, and this didn’t strike me as exactly comedy. Free contest with cash prize: Worldwide Flash Fiction Contest

Image source: Some Ecards – news