Tupelo Press 30/30 Project + Art + PoemCard

Invocation collage – Casting yourself as a spell – base 2014 (?) – top 2015 (?) – most image swivel/xacto-knifing 2011

I’ve been selected to be one of Tupelo Press’ 30/30 Project poets for March. 30 poems in 30 days going to their rather larger-than-mine platform/audience. Part of the deal is that I also make an effort to fundraise for them. One of the options is a year’s subscription series (9 books for $99, & you can choose from prior years back to 2009 as well). Tupelo Press is a non-profit press and they’ll be setting a page up for that through Network for Good. This will be my first non-self publishing credit other than the short-lived Purple Pig Lit ezine.

Meanwhile, to get the Message of the Days (target: ~2.5 a week) I post to Psychic Fugue Studio by email, occasional announcements, and a copy of the 3 sample poems and bio that got me the gig, please fill out the contact form at bottom. I’ll be using MailChimp, and I don’t really know how it works yet, but unsubscribe links should be included in every email.

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Calculating Toadstools
Discordian Postcard Conspiracy, Series B #171

Above border: From a 3/17 Tupelo Press 30/30 project selectee

They went by hex, they went
by text, they went with art
& nitrous carts, they went along
on callousy foots. They found
the Flots that gobbled dots, they
knew who was the man to see,
they altered coats and rolled up
goats, they had too many shots
for me. They knew the time,
it didn’t rhyme, but each
loose cannon heard his chime,
and in the end, your ear to bend,
your coat, your heart, your
mind, push send. A fallow
field, a toe unfelt, a time to dance…

:: to be sent to an NYC poet

Additionally, Synaptic Syntactic is finally near completion of revisions and is estimated to be in all major ebook markets worldwide by 3/21 at the latest (BookBaby has a 3 week turnaround time from submission to publication.

333rd, 335th Postcards

01333rd Card

One by one go the killer
bees, and three by three the
ants. 5×5 go the piskies
in formation, and never
mentioned in the EULA
were the bees. Signs in the
sky call your name, and tub-
eriffic calliopes drain the
notes from the wind. All
together we play, and alt-
ogether we dances. Witches
in wineries and nettles retire.
From a Louisvillian. Ballyhoo!!
Sent to a Louisville literary journal
Today I put the three poems,
http://bit.ly/1ZFgn6t and
and my email address in the box
Sending to Kentucky literary journals
and the fronts began to say
“Stop the Oxygen Catastrophe…
“The Driftwood of Our Lives Washed Up on Some Foreign Shore” on sale 99 cents beginning tomorrow. 4.5 stars. Be the third to review!

I was a crust of mind
Drifting on a stream
Soon to become waterlogged, and sink
Oh, to be a mote in black oblivion
Categories of things sift into conspiracies
Everything is a symbol of something else
http://bit.ly/1Klzoyz #synapticsyntactic
“Ziggomatic Keys: Synaptic Syntactic”

326th Postcard

The alternative to iguan-
as is moss, but how wou-
ld plants ever develop br-
ains? Although intelligence
is everywhere. Panpsychism
Nonlocality Psychedelics
Methodology of Activism
But. so hard to find $s
So. Whenever. I will wait
for my submissions to be
processed. See links. Ballyhoo!
Sent to a literary journal

306th Postcard and Update Bits


Methodical cyclotrons of
the Near East gather tog-
ether and replace us. Imp
ossible to find donors this
way. Which way is up is
relative though. Theoretical
influence of anarchism. Too
many archetypes to list.
to the wise are required and
replaced. Not unwilling to
submit but no time, no time.
Who knows what’s best? Ballyhoo!
Sending to a literary journal
(Poetry Editor of course)
Germany is reading my bitlinks reliably, some days exceeding US. Others not registering much in the bitly.com app. 12ish clicks a day plus or minus (which includes typing them in, I think?) But I didn’t use the bitlinks when I compiled everything on Psychic Fugue Studio. Save the Oxygen .org coming within a couple days I think. And I am going to get with the program of End Fossil Fuel Subsidies. [[UPDATE: Also doing a bit more in the way of emailing environmental organizations, or when whoever I want to send to has no snail mail address]]


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