Series C, #16-19 ::: Discordian Postcard Conspiracy


Circa 2006

Knocked out 2 yesterday and 2 this morning. Got ’em in the mail this morning. Going to shoot for 3 a day. Should be much more relaxed, easier, now that

I’ve got a job!

(Starbucks). And a happy 33rd birthday to me today!

Series C # 16
To either a DC poet or therapist, unsure

A swashbuckler evades the
flurries of weaponized
dragonflies. A texas chain-
up is broadcast live on Fox.
A stick pops out of the
mud, and a barrier is ram-
med through. Some by angels
carefully tread. Some by
salvinorin A swear by heart.
Some by hellfire rule
their minds. Some deliver
to our fake clock-world
a hearty smashing. Tallyhoe!

To see the description of this project, see the About page

Series C #17
To poetry readers on staff at a DC indie bookstore

A panel of Dumbledores
were all discussing the
pitfalls of postmodernim.
The audience of lycanthropes
were rowdy with pitchforks.
The snail gave chase &
time was on his side. The
corkscrew continuum
never did know bounds.
All is well, And all is well,
and all shall be well, yet
see disclaimers & contin-
gency plans. Certify intents….


Series C #18
To poetry readers on staff at a DC indie bookstore

The way of Discordianism
is to stick apart. The way
that can be told is not the
true way. Language does not
convey truth. The impossib-
ility of making any statem-
ent or question complete
& precise. Like the Heisen-
berg uncertainty principle
One ring to rule them all….
In time you shall know.
In time balance & metas-
tasize & twirl & spit.
In time, roll dice & make bank.


Series C #19
To poetry readers on staff at a DC indie bookstore

A race to be counted. A race
to be heard. A palace of
memory. A palace of dreams.
A dragonfly of substance.
A mantis of aikido. No one
who watches. No one who
keeps score. No playtime
for ‘angels’ nor rest for
schemers. Yet in time,
All is well, & All shall be
well, yet see prenup agr-
eement & plans B, C, & D.
While a storm brews, let
out howls of release.

Cropped of very old pic. I think the only time I had the mini (or any) Christmas tree here was 2010

[[ The ‘clock-world we built’ phrase comes from Entwine Well Moon [2013] ]]


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