Discordian Postcard Conspiracy, Series C #15-11

Series C #15
To staff at a DC indie bookstore
[above line]:Conspiritech’s Hexylmathemagica Cookies
Flattery, Flattery, Flattery,
Deception, Hypocrisy, Wilful
Blindness, Chocolate Chips,
Princess, & Care-Bears. One
is never to measure twice,
nor to cut. Not to eleveate,
nor to debase. Bake for 3 years
at 700 degrees, by turns in
Iceland, by turns in Bermuda.
The whirl of stars is rather
key, if you don’t want to
accidentally open the oven to
hordes of hexie-hopped chaos
gremlins who will poke you
incessantly with dragonfly bones….
::: [random] “refuse”


Series C #14
To a Kentucky literary journal/college person
Everyone hallucinates daily
(& I don’t mean night-dreams)
though few know it. Many
of the things you hear in
restaurants, street, or crowds
stem from immaterial sources
or telepathy or pixies — do
not assume all were spoken
by the visible. They are adept
at camouflage and blending in,
displaying illusion to fool
your ego into stepping off
the metaphorical cliff-edge.
Of course, you might then dis-
cover that you have wings
you had forgotten by age 7!…
::: [random] “affection”


Series C #13
To a Kentucky poet
Always include short poems
& small pictures in the manu-
script .. This way you can run
off 1/4 page adverts at home &
circulate them thru facebook.
That said, these cards are on
the spot, not from the book////
A baalancing act of semiotic pin-
ball machines flips & squishes,
sorts the synapses, terrorizes
the provincials, articulates a
new variant of Calvinball. while we
were lit & ready for ju juitsu,
yet there was none to challenge
nor pitch a fit. To the angels,
offer solace, to the homeless, offer…
::: [random] “spending”


Series C #12
To a Kentucky poet
Attempting to get a live
bird’s cooperation to be fla-
ttened onto a scanner for your
senior art show is best attemp-
ted with the aid of Rum & the
Jester’s hat of Avalon. While
sometimes, there might be
room for two, yet at others
the inducement of treats of
carrion & shots of ketamine may
be advantageous (Vultures, Ravens,
Crows).. The Lady of Star-Cl-
oth weaves threads & snips
dreams, she is the fugurehead
chieftain of the corvids, whi-
le also providing life-coaching,
3 mornings a week.. Unspecify
::: [random] “compromise”


Series C #11
To a Kentucky literary magazine person
Perpetual flag waving over-
whelmed the scene. Like the
1600s dancing plague or cont-
agious never-ending laughter.
“Patriotism is the last refuge of
…” whatsit now? & Shouldn’t
it be 1st refuge? /// Like
alleyway apothecaries &
visual arts, a bit off-grid,
a bit against convention, a
bit unsigned & twisted _ _
Slightly off-center squeaky
wheels & hordes of rats armed
with adaptive intelligence &
psychic powers_ Lost among
the reeds, standing out like…
::: [random] “extraction”

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