Series C, #6-10, Discordian Postcard Conspiracy

Series C #6
To a Kentucky Author

Perplexity wrought over with
methodical literary potato-
masher grenades. A shock of
truth, a moment of grace,
an islet of soveriegnty, a quest-
ion of motives. The angular
shape of the entities, that
which hexie-hopped from out
the picture frame, took on a
characteristic glimmer of cloth
os stars – one to the other
chanted, while the onlookers
in the dorm room stood pole-
axed in their 2-CI induced
beglamoured state. Notwithstanding
that, the entities were no fiction…
::: [random] “Shining”


Series C #7
To staff at a DC bookstore

At the day of the night of
the day that if, at the dawn
of year zero, it then so happ-
ened that altogether all were
then each to Earth and the
heart, were chanting! Cha-
nting over days of terror,
chanting over days of grace,
chanting over the bowling
over of the mass of power-
brokers, chanting, tuning,
tweaking, barking, floating,
sparking, wanking, toking.
If so and as and when, thence
and so will come the Queen of Stars
::: [random] “little”


Series C #8
To a person at a DC museum ?bookstore

Visions perpetual, visions unpau-
sed. Visions undaunted and
voices uncensored. Pyrox
Regex becomes explained & un-
spooled, sprawling about on the
Mall under the sun, not a one
to neglect to also lollygag,
even whence and so while also
diligently carrying on with
the plotting of the smash-
ing apart & to bits thereof
of the frames of referencing
of the overstanding of the
understory, while thence &
then to halt, to dream, to spin…
::: [random] “solicitor”


Series C #9
To a literary journal person at a Kentucky university

The zeroing of the storm, the
temblors of the sandworms,
the shock of the pinking of the
ocean, the feel of uncertain
ground-of-being. In a word,
the alien.. let it be said that
none were ready, we are stra-
nger, elements are armaments,
articles of faith are bad puns,
the clock-world of mass humanity
needs a good smashing. Limi-
tations on immanence are nau-
ght, yet it does us no good
to become alienated from
body, from grounding, from
night-dream, from unknown other…
::: [random] “footnote”


Series C #10
To a poet at a Florida University.
Must have come up in a search for Kentucky (
or would not have have been filed in that pile.

Perplexity sorts the Force…
Multiparallel cross-agendas
obtain the admins. Stereo-
chemistry sorts the on-off
switches of your genes, chari-
sma in person fails to sort
the chasm of interpersonal
alienness. By times at the
edge, by turns at the wishing
well, by accident at the Blarney
Stone, by wishes beyond turnta-
blism, the story is collapsible,
extensible, idiomatic, abstracted,
reversible, innumerable, impon-
derable, open to question. Not
for faith or angels do we scheme &
::: [random] “dance”


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