The best looking of today’s cards. Among the best looking / most interesting of the stack.

Series B #228

Unsparing – the keynote ring-
ing over the PA shambled &
crackled. shaking off the fall-
ing tiles, the established Archon
made his way out. The idea! That
a question could bring such a resp-
onse. In a faint moment of clarity,
he shocked himself by saying,
“It wasn’t my fault. It wasn’t my
fault…” Normally always able to
check the evolution of divergent
thoughts, or at least to squash
them, he saw that the threads
escaped him, and always had, had
he but noticed the millions that
hadn’t concerned him…. In that
moment, he became, wit-
hout realizing what it
was, a reflexive anar-
chist…… “amplifier”

No links – No identification
To a therapist in Kansas

Series D #1 (a Portugal postcard)
[Front, Portuguese: “In the city of longing I remembered you …”]

Perplexity fires
& sparks & reigns.
The tempestuousness
of the contest
debarks and has a
layabout on the beach. Trax & trix
dissemble, while element stack
& shake out different – a jenga
tower of nervousness & zip —
Sound & fury. Elemicin & artemisin-
in mix & screw… Ash & hope, days
of silence, days of grace. Spark &
sud, kit & kaboodle. while one
considers the issues & action
plans, another, somewhere, consid-ers
the flutterbies of chaos the-
ory, emergent systems, paralleliz-
ed ranks of persons
in the dreamtime.

Mayor of a small town in West Virginia

Series D #2 (a Portugal postcard)

“Lesser” ::: The nanogram is not the
question. the relative sizes of tags
attacks the fiber of reason when mis-
aligned.. Stacked against the wall, $6
million dollars, stacked inside the window-
sill, three magical orbs – a blue, red, &
orange marble in fact. On conventional
calculations, no contest nor memory,
yet in between blinks of eyelids, a
*snap* vision of velociraptors in your
kitchen. Stem the tide, stack the levee,
wait & wait & wait some more – watch
for the pytbhons moving north out of
Florida, watch for the post-holes being
dug for Babel. /// Take time, take space,
take notes, take breaths, take ease,
take weary ones, take the clock-world we’ve
built & give it a
good kicking..

Married couple – Pastors of a literalist church
that thinks the devil is real in that same small town
~ the lead word chosen by watchout4snakes.com random
word generator and a little dice icon (5 pips) before it

Series D #3 (a Portugal postcard)

Street numbers in Google Maps reco-
mmended, when it say ‘tourists’ on
there, so that the tourists don’t get
confused trying to use their GPS. [black ink, as is address]
“line” ::: Streamlining the proc-
esses, everything in Estonia involving
government can just about be handled on-
line.. The frames of reference big-bang
into replication, starkly shocking the
verses, starkly impossibly colored, psych-
edelic medicine comes by helicopters
over the horizon. Speak not of which,
but of Wherefore, not of Zombies but
of Islands, not of Pixies but [u]never[/u] of
<They>- A man & a ripple, a drop of an
ocean, a spark and the dominos, tick-
ing across the wet-works, sliding over
neurons, assembling
proteins to seed…. [magenta/maroon ink]

Usually avoid… The diner this is addressed for had no
street address, only street name, so I sent it
‘care of’ a bank 3 doors down. different small town in
West Virginia. The word followed by colons was again

provided by watchout4snakes.com

Links these 3:

Another use for shortlinks – easy chalking, high info. Don’t expect to get high uptake this way, either, though.

Also some glyphs/ symbols
Noting them for documentation, but not posting
images, cuz I don’t want to give away too much
about VerseCubes until I can establish copyright/
intellectual property. Or change my mind…

Since the number here is small and customized, and I have
no way of knowing who might or might not be more receptive
(or more gobsmacked), after deciding a target area and
type of person, I choose the towns based on the interesting-
name-criterion. Kansas has the best names as yet, Montana
has some, although with different themes, West Virginia has
fewer. WV has a lot more European names rather than colorful,
feature based, nature related, or Native American ‘related’
place names.



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