Series C, #5-1, Discordian Postcard Conspiracy


Tempestuous & alarming,
seductive yet ranting, cha-
ined yet footloose & fancy-
free, shake shakes out her
old gear, she readies & plots,
she strikes out for points
west, looking-glass-ways of
the monumental heads… A
dash of pixie dust for the
teacup tempest, a snare
of gordian knots laid for
Megawatt Tube’s visit, a
thread of unease, a broken
heart again bursting blooms…

Liberty, Liars, Lasers,
Levers, Lovers, Loafers, Laya-
bouts, & Lemniscates. Our
Mother who art be the
real shiz_nit, speculated
against by trades, upheld
by our sisters the ants, coll-
ateralized and spun with
wires, aligning of the para-
llels of many minds…
Stemming the tide, chariots
and wireless, coding the Zig
Zags. A hero of grace & poise
a wizard of cargo cult magics..

Rotations. Islands. Questions.
Habits. Persons. Ephemera.
Staggers. Tweak. While one
to the other chanted, yet
through the spin of gloaming,
yet averse; yet respun;
yet heavy; yet with buo-
yant hearts.. Our hero
was dressed, silent, right-
sized, balanced, typified,
disheveled with style, ques-
tionable but not shady…

Sampling among the pions &
kaons & neutrino decays,
one remembers to first
pray for the pen to also
serve one’s true aims….
it is an implement that
steers one’s mind even
if one believes in neither
deities nor World Spirit.
Start the engine, switch
the swingline. Cut together
zines & make a chaos play.

In place of time, in place
of grace, in mind of limin-
al space, created of a bird
of seven sequences… the
androids marched & planted,
sowed & reaped, unionized &
factionalized, permuted
and spun factorials.. The
Emir retired in his palaces
and European travel homes,
Constitutional monarchy
finally implemented…

Top line: Synaptic Syntactic • ebook • poems & art [or similar move down]

Series C are all already addressed (but not written) to independent bookstores
Most say something like ‘Poetry Fans on Staff’ for the addressee
Also signed, and say ‘original’
These 5 are to DC area establishments.

You may now download my ebook, Synaptic Syntactic: of unbounded phases and entangled echoes, for free, for the time being, and I would very much appreciate it. It is here:

Note on ‘Tips’: The suggested tip field was required. I didn’t want to set it to zero, as I have worked very hard on this, and I didn’t know what would be best to set it to. $6 was the default value, so I just left it. Not for greed, oh my no. In fact you can buy it for only $2.99 without giving me an email address (some store links at the linked page). So. Tipping is not demanded, though it would be appreciated. I would be delighted if a few more people would download it and give it a look today,  though… If you finish it & deign to leave a review review somewhere, that would be super awesome. But step one is just gathering some eyeballs.


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