Creative Dynamics, draft idea, from Series B card #115

Dynamic Jinx – youtube

[City] Creative Dynamics / Creative Chaos
Mixed Light Theater Pranks

Card Text:
Being hit by a Chaos Ball
(TM), there are 3 rules.
1. Address all strangers as
‘Bob’. 2. If they object,
say ‘Jinx!’ or alternately,
‘Jiggens!’, & run away.
& 3. At the Witching Hour
(2:35am, precisely), write
these rules in sidewalk
chalk or spray paint. Now,
since I have your attention,
Ideas & choices runneth over.
Balance is the work of a lifetime.
[/Card Text]

Idea being, the mixin of a flash mob all concurring the rules before hand
Other things, mixup of multiple word substitutions, as in The Poet in Convalescence
Or a list of words to substitute – but instead of a fixed substitution for common things or things in news of the moment, seize on any word the other party uses . . .

Unlike in the dream, most people will be unlikely to all be taken in. Flash mobs are a known thing. Insisting that you knew someone and x y and z … Hazard of more mentally unstable people …
Word of mouth fake news? But how to spin that a positive outcome for us? The whole fake news thing militates consistently for Trump-Chumps.

Anyway, sort of some ideas for a meetup group. A group to chatter over IRC or titanpad..

Communications strategies out of normal bounds and normal channels.. in general. As the postcard project. As the flyer idea. As the EDDM [no idea what this means anymore] plan. Spread around to the right people. Of course it can easily spread further. And no, unexpected artworks are not the only use. So, people who lack the confidence to their art will pick it up anyway, I think. If I bring it out right.

Top image credit

Gnar & Jinx fan art

Bottom image credit

guess the google image search terms…



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