Flash Fiction – Free Contest

Million Spider Rain

Postcard #138, Series B

Vindication of the weather
was found later.. Although
there were dinged cars, there
were found in the melt
diamonds that had rained
down. As word got out of
the small town’s freak storm,
when most had stopped scou-
ring the ground, it was
heard on twitter that the
diamond rain had unique
coloration in a very narrow
band, making them all the more
valuable… fences went up
around fields. In only a week
came the first shooting
of a night-walker
(“trespassing thief,” said
shooter); some blessings
are mixed indeed.

Thought of submitting this to a contest, but their theme is comedy this month, and this didn’t strike me as exactly comedy. Free contest with cash prize: Worldwide Flash Fiction Contest

Image source: Some Ecards – news


9 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – Free Contest

    1. Nope. Just a one time diamond (& hailstone) rain. They all have a particular coloration over a narrow spectrum band, not seen perfectly alone in nature. So they go on to become fantastically valued over other diamonds. Once every last one is picked up, that’s all there is. Of course there could always be one more lost in the grass & dirt.

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      1. most cut diamonds are pretty small. Are raw diamonds not that small? anyway, hail ranges from sleet all the way up to softball size (rare). The diamonds are found everywhere outdoors after the freak storm, only in this one small town. Don’t think I’ve been around for any hail bigger than small marbles,

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      2. people start gathering them and selling them. fences and armed patrols begin within 48 hours? on day three the spectrometry makes the news via twitter. the diamond rain, of course made the news instantly. The towns material stroke of fortune breeds violence & mistrust between the residents.

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      3. i read somewhere it actually rains diamonds on some planet, maybe Saturn, don’t remember when or where, but it’s lodged in my memory somewhere— should send Elon to get it & pray he doesn’t return.


      4. yeah i saw that when i was looking for my image. none of the fictional diamond rain images was to my tastes though, so i found the spider rain image instead (which was in the absence of rain, but millions of spiderlings). Wikipedia says that one of the first recorded hail events killed 600-900 nomads in 9th century india, and in 2015 a localized hailing filled the streets 4 feet deep in one city block in denver (1.5 hours of hail).

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