Seeding Chaotic/Emergent Information Flows: another method (++addendum,++)

Relevant post on main blog Mindfire Cantata to do with the writing of incantations or what-have-you on paper money

Have a bunch of cards typed up that were sent some time ago. But my routine fell apart. Then I decided to try and submit to the top 50 lit mags according to Every Writers Resource in a short period.. so pondered saving the texts for submissions mining. Progress halting.

(not to go into all the endless details)

Also have a stack ready to mail, except still needing numbering, typing up, and links. Missed target to complete sending the whole battery for delivery pre-inauguration. But I imagine this serves the over-arching flow the Unity of the Multiverse in some fashions…

Aside from the ones I’ve addressed & set aside for when I complete my ebook revision, the remaining card stack after the completion of Series B is small (80ish at a guess). And I may repurpose some for after the ebook, DC area bookshops. I think I will do some more postcards after. Stay tuned. I’ll post something. Have one post of an idea for flash mobs and the card text that inspired it from a long-delivered missive ready. But I’ll do another card series at some point after, though may limit the focus (was thinking ‘order only 250?’ but realizing 1000 costs little more than 250, I figure I may get the whole K, but limit the focus on the project. This is largely contingent on ‘WHEN COOPER GETS A JOB’, though (hopefully very soon).

Additionally, 2nd to last post over there (revolutionary medicine/communication ideas! {likely to work. hope so very much}), Untested Novel No-Tech Communication System for Non-Speaking ALS Patients including with Diminished Eye Gaze Control

Additionally, real simple & inexpensive mass mailing program: Every Door Direct Mail a USPS service .. you send to an entire mail route, but must be able to deliver the post to a post office. But much lower barrier to entry than than traditional bulk mail systems. If combined with Print on Demand – Infiniprint options, could send 2-700 DIFFERENT mail pieces per blast (for a route of 500, $90 postage plus print cost).

[[[ IMG: Placer Land Trust ]]]


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