Series B – Cards #99-104


Smelting the whales’ bones in
the absence of nitrogen rend-
ers switchflipped antimatter….
All on the other methodical
palm, some snails were pon-
dering new prions for the
bipeds… But not to be said
or skewered, one before the
other was most unwound….
In all the alien alkaloid
grasses was a semblance of
other, a purpose for truth,
a notion of weatherbeaten
robustness, a concept of love.

::: continuation… of sending surprises to therapists in the 20003 and 10022 nearby areas :::

In the annals of dream-
time, there were many that
exceeded what most believ-
ed were hard boundaries…
This one is unique, to our
knowledge, but our knowl-
edge is really quite small.
The keys, however, are pref-
erably not blurted out every-
where. In times of rain, in
times of dust, in times of
each carefully selecting
their own singular tesserae,
we star on the motions of bees….

Somnambulism is not the only
effect, it is also hallucinog-
enic, though memory impairi-
ng. Atypical. But enough of th-
at! Collections of artisanal junk
drawers aside, there was
a mysterious sparkle in the
air… perhaps the Piskies had
been up to some of their more
benign sorts of tricksies (?)
Let not this vine restrain you,
let not this shine entrain you,
instead, check first for the
influence of our friend, Demonoid…..

The invasion of unlimited varie-
ties of speaking plants into the
bedroom… Over & over & over…
A shade of things to come after
the Oxygen Catastrophe. A vis-
ion of an unnoted oneirogen…
Stepping on the toes of the
powerful is hereby recommend-
ed & endorsed by The Five. So
mote it be. Let it be said that
altogether under the waves,
the heliotropes were assembl-
ing a crack coven of dreamers.
Underneath the geometry of this
continuum, another space, but not the

Interest? Checkmark. Spoiler?
Checkmark. Positive bank balance
…. oh, erm, why so many questions
eh? Hehe… Spinmasters may
have taken much of the mind sp-
ace, but we are not overrun
yet… So while the BattleToads
fight it out, we continue our
slow plod to something that
matters. Under all & becoming
two, the persona is spun into
Charon’s boat. (Only for a brief
visit, we promise). Yet underne-
ath it all, Demonoid was at play
with Cosmos’ dice. Rescatter….

Looks like a nice neighbor-
hood. I figured you lived in a
more downtown/hood-y area.
Nevermind. The poem. ::: Exp-
ect strings of slime molds to be
colonizing the lawn; in the pr-
ocess, become more of wha-
tever you are… Some thread
by silence & some by scream
Elimination of trivialities by
graffiti crews is enacted. No
questions mark the edges
right, & no manifesti get to
the bones of the matter…. do not
see disclaimers

Image: Antimatter Trap
Message of the Day: Psychic Fugue Studio
10 Learnings from 10 years of Brain Pickings:
5. When people tell you who they are, Maya Angelou famously advised, believe them. Just as important, however, when people try to tell you who you are, don’t believe them. You are the only custodian of your own integrity, and the assumptions made by those that misunderstand who you are and what you stand for reveal a great deal about them and absolutely nothing about you.
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