Series B -#48-53


Continuing on in sending these thingamajigs to therapists in certain areas. In this case within 5 miles of 20003. Delaying publication in most cases, so that in case someone checks the site (from word, perhaps, getting around?) they wouldn’t see a card destined for them that hasn’t come yet. [[Image credit at bottom]]

Getting to be about time for it
… cease the dither & dally.. No
spectacles can shine through
walls, but burning the carc-
asses of the great beasts felled
by climate or pandemic will
need to be hidden away to
manage the fumes. No serial-
izations of elemental vapidity
were wrought, but under the
logs & leaves, frogs & toads
do bide time & hang out.
Trust not Faeries, except
when you ought. Magic infin-
ite facing mirrors surround you..

Rejuvenated by error, the
seeker was in awe of
herself. After some moments
she set off, bemused, further
down the mushroomed path.
Although unclear on the conc-
ept, she knew that somehow,
this was her grace. Around
the corner she jumped at the
sight of the Sprite of Super-
latives. Knowing not what to
say, she babbled: “How can it
not be so when it was ever
thus? Who makes the mix tapes?”

…I did not ever manage to
recall that particular name.
No one knew a person of that
description, nor had anyone
heard of any such plant for
smoking. A question that
ever after nibbled at the
back of my mind. It was,
rather, a delight of a myst-
ery though, not an irritation
or a dread or an obsession.
I became other than what I
was. I became the universe.
All prior narrative lost its
sense. For brief minutes….

Elementals swirled about her
form as she, oblivious, wor-
ked up her 3rd sketch in the
series, which she had just be-
gun to think of as cryptograms
of revealed biochemistry. The
elementals had plans for these
sketches & concepts. There
was some degree of overlap
with her Not-fully-formed-
yet thoughts… But memetic
virality takes most creators
by surprise. Resembling nothing
so much as the spontaneous forma-
tion of stable electric neural nets in the

The depolarized fractions of
the hoi polloi were divided and
counted. But as the number of
dimensions of possible divisions
mutiplied, they soon became an
uncountable infinite set. Vert-
iginously swooning, Big Brother
ran headfirst into a lamp post.
Though some crossed paths
with March Hares, still most
were unconcerned with the
moving of the jet stream.
Sparkle Droplets (™) were
going around like chlamydia, yet
no one, this decade, was freaking out.

Overbearing or not, neverthe-
less, these are the choices
we have made. No one in their
right minds would think to be
the one to bring up Anansi, yet
it nevertheless came to pass.
Seeing the humility of the star-
beings, he proceeded to try to
test them. Tangling in his own
web of tricks, he made a spec-
tacle. Teeming with automated
functions, he still did not bec-
ome overblown, but instead
replicated over all the Interwebz
with his silliness & neural-speak.


300 DPI postcard design from me to you!

Mindfire Cantata, my main blog

Psychedelic Film Criticism for the Already Deranged
Caretaker Sparkle: ROOM 237 [[<<film title]]


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