Postcards Series B – #42-47


Continuing on with my aim of sending these nubbins of seed to therapists, now, not involved website staff… Resisting my paranoia, I will tell you that I’m sending them to those therapists/counselors/social workers with listed offices in a 5 mile radius of zip code 20003, which is part of Capitol Hill.

Steroidal flabbergastry is
par for the course in such moments.
Replacement of ideas by click-
shocked imagery. A flashbulb
memory of momentous splint-
ering is truth or proof pos-
itive…. That of Those Some,
who eat the resultant space,
& the unease of flotsam &
detritus of wrong country,
wrong planet. Some gaps &
some questions remain…
A stimulant wreaks terr-
or at the synapse… elevate.

Shredderizing the spun
monkey-threads, each to
the other noted the singular
absence of havoc. Replicating,
the nanobots spread over the
carpet unceasing. A flip-
vector meta-meme passed
undetected. Virally rechanne-
ling, the storm was unaware
of the ant-like bipeds it
roiled. The mind-fog became
known to two-timers, but not
to those of questionable eco-
nomics. Rejiggering and retun-
ing, we inflated balloons and….

To those at the epicenter….
the eightball is not sunk, though
the weather will be getting
salty. Splitting hairs yet again
something is about to go into
a shift to the plasma phase.
Deep beneath & far beyond,
a thread of neural networks
has been at play in reordering
the peoples’ minds. Set & for-
get is the name of the day,
but nullification is yet still a
question they cannot grapple
with. Simply put, a cluster****.
[unsure whether the law allowed me to say ‘fuck’ on an exposed surface in the mail, I drew asterisks over it]

The circular logic of the situ-
ation screams out for the
programming in of an exit condi-
tion. Fry up & splatter it ag-
ainst the wall. Let nothing
be shredded but space &
dignity…. Serial appearances
of archangels on the dreamscape
signifies of a threatened
blooming. Restack & refold the
proteins & genomics without
error; know just how many
times to spin the errors &
wash your clocks …. underthrow

Reflecting how the meth-
ods & array fractions were
then encapsulated, the splork-
ing of the Cosmological Const-
ant shattered the multiverse’
threadways into facets of
surpassing grace. Honest
work for a plumber of the
ideograms’ syntactic semant-
ic vehicles. No sleep for
the weary nor sauce for the
entangled; what is seen is
unmade, what is felt is depr-
ogrammed, what is questioned is

Methodical tricksters, the
subspace mole-men re-routed
the race; through brambles &
ice floes, through alien phase-
spaces, through shaded grov-
es & hallucinatory hornets…
Letting no turn be unbroken,
they spiffed up the collectives
& prepared the mass motions.
Craftily channeling of the
questions, she awoke in re-
adiness for any dragons that
might turn corners. No words
unspoken, no whispers unechoed…..

300 DPI postcard design from me to you!

Mindfire Cantata, my main blog


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