Postcards Series B – #36-41

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Last batch to the psychology website people. shifting now, since I realized I have 2 directories to hand now, to individual therapists (again, per oracle advice), but instead of my current city, sending them to certain zip codes in a certain district… Therapists have influence and see numerous people day in, day out. A certain multiplier effect. Multiplier of what, who’s to say? since the verses are all different, only the postcard is the same.. But that begins, not with this batch, but the next post after.

Semantic skew bubbles like
a bioreactor. The puppies
flit down the aisle like flutt-
erbys, and when asked how it
was happening, she was all
like, “My mood is unicorns,
rainbows, & pokemon.” A
tremor was noted in the
chaparral. While too many
things took place, the
officiant intoned & all
cracked brews. No gnomes
were noted, but all saw the moss

Every plant turns to eye
you as you pass… There is
more than just chemotaxis to
this thread. Helical anxieties
are planted without too many
lumina. Sterility of the env-
ironment :: a green thumb
helps, but is not a total solu-
tion. Frizzle fraction is
told these things, but not
what your inner voice calls
you. Let it be said that
one is more than the sum of
one’s parts. Never become alien.

Note how the triangles do
proliferate. Which is not to
say that the infection is
in all ways equal.. Some
people are married in their
infancy, some grow best
for a time alone. Most are
unaware of how their lot
may be serving ill. No steg-
anography was found among
the illness, yet that is not to
say it was not listed some-
where far down the stultif-
ying page. Yet without axioms….

The scented frangipani bri-
ngs luck, yet is also utterly
useless. Some things are like
this; others require certain
knowledge. Nevermind… Rem-
ember, though, this: Always
make a thorough study of
the alkaloids in question, yet
keep in mind also that your
mileage may vary… Think
not of roses but of stones, not
of zombies but of rotary phones,
not of televisions, but of small
white mice. Be careful what you

Out in the wildness, we gath-
ered in a clearing surround-
ed by stones & brambles.
A slight punch to the energy
was all it took. The green
parrots h-appeared with a
rush of whoosh… Speaking,
they inquired. We told them
how it had stood in the public
houses we’d checked. ‘The
city is on the edge’, I said..
Parrots inquired what we needed.
Joshun declared that the over-
sight of the Star Crows was

The window shows a diff-
erent personality to different
sides & on different days. It
even appears different gender-
ed. Be careful of how you
speak; you might be mistaken
for the creepy clowns of the
deep forest. Count the net
expected receipts of that
which is antipodean to your
natural inclinations. Do not
neglect to ponder the science
of telepathy, nor to consider the

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