Postcards, Series B #17-#23

Goonflower –

Today I begin a phase where I am sending cards largely to people involved in the ‘helping’ industries (Websites involved in therapy, transformation, what have you.. individual practitioners.. & more..)

The picture of emergence
Shows itself only to the savvy
With sparks from basal ganglia
See through the faces
Watch their operant calculat-
. . ing constructs
Like a great giant
Being driven by invisible
. . hummingbirds –
Each to their own agendas
Stacking & reshuffling sedu-
. . lously & methodically
Flashing wildly when insight
. . comes/ Unwire the forecasts

Fragments – become tail
ends of historical revelat-
ions. Seven clues stuck
by covalent bonds; no
stretch to the frame of
reference too far. Clearing
the area of cosmic rays,
she alerts the others to
the hovering presence
of abstract hexes. Not-
ing down the time, looking
to the chaos trees, spinning
divinatory flywheel, the aura

Animals in exile see that
it was not always so. No
artisanship can reclaim
lost time. However – …
in shade of gloaming
shadow, seek for amulets
& talismans. More than
just wordy etheric spell-
casting is needed. Yet be-
ware of itemized deductions.
Overland, they conducted
total syntheses of the
queen bees, three. Untie before
the chains become fast.

A chain of depletion sinks
the formula’s terms into the
bog. While no tendency to
bestiality was detected, yet
do not, I repeat do not, let
the Piskies sneak up on you.
While the interiority of the
self-symbol, vapid, I know,
but still tricked out with
the parts of old Triumph
Iron Horses… So see that
you do not wangle too many
artifice, yet do not neglect
to bloom either

Seeing none but the mirror,
yet in that glass, 1000
faces. Seeming ever to
be ready, yet alas, cann-
ot coax them out. While
no demonoids tagged along
this eve, yet I was put in
mind of their tricksy ways.
All under the apotheosis of
anarchy, I exited the wash
room with new resolve. Seeing
as all had detangled, I took
a new spring in my step.

Helter skelter & hell-for-
leather across the fruited
lunar plain, they made
manifest & personified with
speed. By hook or by crook,
all the chosen profess-
ions took turns redefining
the frame by partial fact-
orizations, although some,
as it were, such as acco-
untants, only refashioned
the window dressings. An
implicit dragon’s egg unfolded, and

Not to oversell, but the magic
beans can turn your goat
into a dragon….. Forgotten
whales transposed into the
Earth’s interior ocean,
yet still return occasionally
to prank the submarines &
the aliens. While none could
say it was precisely disa-
llowed, it was still a bit
of a tightrope walk. Alw-
be careful to drink &
derive without scruple….

300 DPI images of postcard – Free to replicate!
Lostinmist on Facebook
TribalEphemeral on Twitter
eBook 2 v1 “Ziggomatic Keys: Synaptic Syntactic”
v2 will have a new title as well as format corrections and revisions (‘Synaptic Syntactic: of unbounded phases & entangled echoes’ – aside from being all around better, much better search words)

I have a couple hundred cards addressed to independent bookstores for my next marketing push, but the funding to get into print is held up … Hopefully I will be able to get Dad’s backing for the ebook push (BookBaby $150, comes with a lot of goodies for promotion..) in the next couple days rather than having to wait for paychecks to start coming in (speaking of which, need to turn in that application tomorrow) … Things do go so much easier without drink.. He said he’d cover publishing, but not until paychecks start coming has now been stipulated..


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