6 Postcards – 3-29-2016 Send


528th Card

From a Louisville KY Poet
Reality takes you by the
horns and shakes your
sorrows from you. The
excesses wondrously
produced startling
new things. Retooling
and regluing, reshaping
and renaming, you find
the useful in the long
night and days’ disorg-
anized screed. Ballyhoo!
Sent to a Florida Literary Review

530th Card

From a Louisville KY Poet
May actually submit to
you. A poem: The all nig-
ht work on the new game
concept and novel was
disorganized , but i co-
uld still grasp it. Jail
time is no easy thing.
You can fail even at things
you don’t want. *crosses
fingers* Snippets of semantics
and game theory
Sent to a New York literary magazine

531st Card

From a Louisville KY Poet
In the springlines of the
bounce, the fractal geo-
metries, ever shifting,
found their momentary
join, and two people with
slightly different memories
and histories switched
places across universes
across the low energy
gradient. But none was the
Sent to a literary magazine with a 666 address

532nd Card

From a Louisville KY Poet
Misery bespeaks of sol-
itude, except when sol-
itude speaks of joy. A
small man picks up a small
doll, and is immediately
struck by lightning.
Invoices for chaos supp-
lied will be forthcoming.
Dream not of wisdom, but
wish for fluidity of tongue
when enraged.
Sent to Jack Kerouac

534th Card

From a Louisville KY Poet
I could easily… No let
us not. We must not. How
many ways are there to
a Sunday? How many 4
leafed clovers in the
world this instant? Who
is the Buddha who makes
the grass green? When
by stitches, leap 3 ditches.
When by wires, find
new hires. Scattershot.
Sent to a Texas literary magazine

537th Card

Rip-offs come and they
go. But ever unpredictable
when. I have also been a
collagist. When the night
comes, you have your wings.
The dreams of the fathers
were not like ours. Or like,
but with future distorted
in a million ways. Eccent-
ricity and synchronicity
are rife. In your head you
make up failures. Overcome
Sent to The Collagist literary magazine


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