5 postcards out of 26+ to be sent


477th Card

From a Louisville Poet
A balance is struck
between our endeavors
No chances found for
reward. I was very
influenced by “Chaos”
But no time for this.
Later we see who is
right. Now we are
as frogs in the boiling
pot. Be the butterfly
that changes things. La!
Sent to the author of “Chaos”

476th Card

From a Louisville Poet
The many ways you have
found to become other
than who you are. Or is it
to become more of who
you are? Imperfect are
we all. Some more than
others. The channel
switch takes us to
alien slave revolts. Very
very many of them. Best
wishes from a donor
Sent to Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies

484th Card

From a Louisville Poet
The alienation of the
citizens became acute.
All the terrors were
lost. All the unifying
symbols. The craziness
was posted and expanded
upon. The network
spread its tendrils.
The clarity of the lone
thinker was ever more.
Feeling loose, he stood, and departed
To a NYC poetry bookstore

495th Card

From a Louisville Poet/Artist
The method of retrench-
ment was fatal for some
People seen sleeping here
all the time now. Chaos
theory is in force. Loss
of keys is not effecting
We take them and bake
them up. We starve and
consider choices. We
allow for others to trust
us. We see what
cannot be seen. Allowances
for truth were minimal. La!
Sent to a (possibly defunct) Louisville art studio/gallery

496th Card

From a Louisville KY Poet
Sticks and stones…
But ‘As You Disintegrate’,
So you will see. The
wreckage of the night
was found everywhere.
The neologisms were of
trouble. Your wife finds
you with a spilled bottle
of scotch, passed out.
Nighttime weather. Night-
time dryads. A long spliff
of Grace. Fundament!
Sent to a NYC indy bookstore


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