Signal of Displeasure (Postcards 451,450,448)


450th Card

From a Louisville poet
Recipient TITLE: Mischief Peddler
Munchkins become Oompa
Loompas on this side of the
mirror. But when you say
to can it, I only do more.
The loading codes are known
to you. The Angels’ Envy
resides in your hip flask.
Your six gun is a hair trig-
ger. Your envy is unspeak-
able, but your clothing
also smokes. The thermo-
nuclear power of suns in a
metal can. Whence the dyad?
Sent to a Los Angeles bookstore listed on
Links included that I will have to mostly strip out for Scriggler because they keep stripping out my links even though they are an integral part of understanding this project:
buy cardsthis blogDreaming of Demonoid Picotentactivismebook

451st Card

From a poet/activist
Recipient TITLE: Sower of Rebelliousness
As it would seem, the Earth
could one day run out of
oxygen. It could start as
soon as 2100. If the phyto
plankton near the top of
the sea get too warm, and
we are left with 1/3 as
much O2 production as
before. This while 90%
of $5.3 trillion in fossil fuel
subsidies annually. And only
$100 billion ‘promised’ at COP21
Sent to a Los Angeles literary nonprofit that works particularly with 6-18 year olds

448th Card

From a Louisville poet
Recipient TITLE: Chief Lickspittle
The splicing of the films
proceeded apace with the
splicing of the virus into
your sequences. While
chaos theory are nightly,
Emergence is slow to pro-
ceed. You feel not the flut-
terby, but you do feel the
storm. When one by one,
we go marching, when two
by two, well, then we dance.
Sent to an Indiana small press
My index site: Psychic Fugue Studio


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