Resequenced Mischief


427th Card

From Louisville
TITLE: Grand Poobah
The trend is not forever
up and up, but sideways
and corkscrew. Watch for
errant blackholes as you
massage author egos and
body parts. While not
disconnecting from torsos,
heads float and distort
reality into shapes of
beauty and truth. Dissoci-
ation from ego is key
to beauty. All allowances
are told without buttered
_________________________ rumps.
Sent to someone at an Indiana literary magazine

428th Card

From a Louisvillian
TITLE: Head of Methodical Politeness
Diminish not but quest for
the theoreticals expands and
versifies. While gravity waves
have now been found, we still
wait for the Alcubierre drive
yet each way to sunday splines
our teleportation among the
many paraLLels that surro-
und us unprovable among
the ticky-tocky and the
Many hours made of clay. Each
to the other resplendent app-
ears, yet always we pour
weasels into the wires to extract…
Sent to Indiana literary journal person


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