419th-415th Postcards


419th Card

From a poet/activist
Cards just bursting with
possibilities! When we
connect do not let opportu-
nities slide… No paucity
of methods to reach out.
Clues and codes, cognition
and consciousness. The wild
parrots of Los Angeles call
for more demands against
the systems of oppression.
The lithe dryad is wise, and
gathers mischief to her heart.
Worthy vices had to be found…
_______________________________ La!
Sent to someone at a Bay Area environmental organization
Links: Customizable postcards for salePoetry BlogOther MessagesSave the OxygenProtest

418th Card

From a Louisvillian
Coldness is not your style…
A twining of lips and a coll-
aboration of news. A battle
to set things right and a
quest for a way of life.
Not to be shaken or stirred,
the heart. Does the lithe
dryad gather mischievous
thoughts in her pocketses
? These cards are filled with
possibilities. Think. Consider.
Contact. Determine. Act. Open
the mind to more psychedelics. La!
Sent to someone at a Bay Area “a group of coworking & events spaces for a membership community of entrepreneurs, activists, creatives, and professionals taking action to drive positive social and environmental change.”


417th Card

From a Louisvillian
Although playful and method-
ical, all self-generated. No one
questions but that LSD must
be legalized… and yet, revo-
lution has yet to come.
The lithest dryad in the offi-
ce has mischievous thoughts
in her pocketses. Yes to all
of the above. Question not,
but place your bets, roll the
dice, win all the things.
Gather people to your thighs
and call none the words of slander
Sent to someone at a Bay Area environmental organization
All cards are printed with a link for my index and web design collection Psychic Fugue Studio

416th Card

From a Louisvillian
The artfulness of sly dod-
gers is uncountable and
resplendent… Never become
a poet. Impossible to make
money at this (perhaps
with book baby…) Come
along and see with your eyes
No choices are permitted, but
off you choose anyway. No
way to reach satisfaction…
it is its own reward. The
jabberwock is in the chillum
and the mogwai is in the Bass.
Sent to someone at a Bay Area 501(c)(3) to “engage and align diverse stakeholders in support of systemic solutions to urgent global problems.”

415th Card

From a Louisvillian
Some people demand all the
things to which they are
allowed. Others meekly toil
expecting no reward. Some
demand all the things to
which they are not allow-
ed, including drops of LSD
and the bodies of lithe dryads
Choose of which kind you
will be. Leave no method
unrotated and no stars uncont-
acted. Find your voice. See.
Believe. Act. Diminish not. La!
Sent to someone at a Bay Area foundation for communities and the environment

——– ——–
Possibly only doing 5 cards a day from here on out… Emphasize playfulness and poetry, the website, Save the Oxygen is enough. Other things need to be done at times. Burn out is not for me. Do not allow the thinking about the project to become uptight! A dose of flirtatiousness may pay off, you never know. Also sent some to some music stars yesterday, and an environmental author. You just send it c/o the record label or publisher.
——– ——–
Again, cards are now for sale at Zazzle. They are of a very flexible design for all sorts of organization, activism, what have you. Or merely for poetic terrorism of crushes, adversaries, whoever…

Images mine from the mind altering project through the black hole…


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