402nd, 403rd Postcards


402nd Card

Visions are for dust. Did
you ever know of your guilt
or were you mainly of the
uncaringness of children,
or merely of a sniping
mind? Turn and recoil, back
up and credit. File and save
if you must, but the time
is now. The loss will be on
your headen. Batten down
and go into battle. Clues to
the wise, befuddlement to others.
Sent to a Pittsburgh newspaper
Includes Dreaming of Demonoid Picotant on Mindfire Cantata (formerly Verses of my Destruction) … “Barking Brilliant” Postcard on here … Protest! against fossil fuel subsides #FFsubsidies on signupgenius.com … my Save the Oxygen! website … and Mind Altering Web Art on Psychic Fugue Studio, my central site

403rd Card

Sylvester, you bastard…
You divided by zero
again, didn’t you? Well
there goes the neigh-
borhod again. The fight
ofthe primaries not over
yet. Diminish not, but
return. Close your eyes
but all is not lost. Fuck
it. Fuck off. Rescind and
kill enemies. Accept and
nothing new under the sun.
Sent to a Pittsburgh newspaper
Image from an old stop motion animation project that I will have online linked at my Psychic Fugue Studio central list website soon? One hopes.


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