393rd to 396th Postcards


393rd Card

Testing you. We do all
the things to which we
are allowed, and some
to which we are not,
my Demonoid, and yet…
See EULA. See disclaim
er. See License Terms
and mortgage agreement.
No freedom under land-
lordism. Chaos of the
flies. Batten down and refine
Sent to a Philadelphia newspaper
Added Protest! on signupgenius.com page for protest fossil fuels sign up to most all of this batch

394th Card

Eeble Deeble Dee. Eeyore
meets Dee Dee Ramone.
Chaos in your oil lines.
Methodical press to
relations. Are you cute
and shapely? Can you
travel often to Louisville
Methodical press of
bodies. Fictional remote
seductions. Lips entwine
and consider. Are you rich?
Sent to a Philadelphia newspaper

395th Card

Not newsworthy!? Are
you crazy? Diminishment
of terms to facebook
has rotted your brain.
The Earth could run short
of oxygen and 90% of
$5300 billion are spent
on fossil fuel subsidies.
COP21 was a giant
fraud. Overland desk is
salient and fallible. Close it.
Sent to a Chinese language paper
Other links include As You DisintegrateWe Demand New OrderSave the Oxygen and … The Revolt Ever to Collect Its Due

396th Card

Bit dimensionality of flit
. Flitter and gambol,
Whither and Decipher.
Decrypt and classify.
Suspected government
technology projects
has passed, but the
oddness of the radio
was. Feelings are so
inconvenient, are they not?
Actually mine are delightful
Sent to a Philadelphia newspaper
Then switched instead to 252nd to 256th Postcards on here … Dreaming of Demonoid Picotant on Mindfire Cantata … Author Page on Amazon
Main site: Psychic Fugue Studio
Original articles: Global Warming Catastrophe Could Suffocate Life on Earth (University of Leicester (UK) … Three Reasons Why the Paris Climate Deal is a Fraud  ROAR Magazine by the Foundation for Autonomous Media

Image – still from an old stop motion animation I will have online eventually


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