390th-392nd Postcards


390th Card

From a Kentuckian
Entwine and consider,
revolt and rejoice! Afli-
tter and twitter, glow
and demand. Psychedelic
revolution and liberation
an end to the depredations
of the republic. Blast
and determine. Harpies
and banshees do not
preclude you. It is only
the tremulous voices on
_______________________ the other end.
Sent to a Kentucky newspaper
Added Protest! on signupgenius.com link to sign up to protest fossil fuel subsidies to many of these…

391st Card

The trippery is open! But
Psychedelic legalization
remains a ‘not yet’
sort of thing. Dimini-
sh not, but true. Help me
put a stop to the ‘Oxygen
Catastrophe.’ See the
tumbles and stop. Gloam
and reconsider. Plant and
befoul. Escape and be divine
No elves, but angels. See.
Sent to a South Carolina newspaper
I usually send the ones for newspapers or TV stations to [editor name], Environment Desk
Also using We Demand New OrderAs You Disintegrate … and Save the Oxygen on this group
“Sometimes paper is the only one who will listen to you” – someone I follow on twitter possibly John Winokur (@AdviceToWriters). I am @TribalEphemeral

392nd Card

bit.ly for the bits. And alw-
ays, preponderance of
spoons votes! Clue in
and think quickly. I hav-
en’t got a whole Bhag-
avad Gita day to waste
here. Lose not but det-
ermine, and stick the
landing. Couch space is
feelings. Love is for lovers.
Sent to a Philadelphia newspaper
And The Revolt Ever to Collect Its Due on this one
Image from an old stop motion animation I did for class. Whiteboards are your friend if you have a stop motion assignment! And easels. I’ll have it upline, linked on Psychic Fugue Studio eventually


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