365th, 364th, 362nd, 359th, 358th Postcards


Unique Signatures

365th Card

From a Louisvillian
Weather becomes your
faces, but they do not
always wear countenances
you would recognize.
We are shapeshifters
and demonstrated by change
in action. We are influe-
nced by anarchist theory.
We all are educated by
different means. The al-
ert of the moment will
remain for some time. Ballyhoo!
Sent to a Louisville English professor
All links this time are: As You Disintegrate … The Revolt Ever to Collect Its Due … Watch for Spirit / We Demand New Order … and Save the Oxygen, with Save the Oxygen always appearing last

364th Card

From a Louisvillian
When without … you become
more like who you are …
When with needles … Excite
ment is rife … When hav-
ing children … do not co-
erce consent … When mak-
ing pizza … consider always
factorial of the political
order … When breaking laws
… gently with care. Not
of Whether, but of That.
Sent to some curator at a Louisville art museum

The Driftwood of Our Lives Washed Up on Some Foreign Shore on sale for 99 cents, going up to $1.99 at 4 pm 2/4 Amazon

362nd Card

From a Louisvillian
The cheese is in it for
your heart. You do not want
to live longer than your body
is spry enough to walk. In
two wasys you can contact
them for more force. Do
not close your mind, but
respire, and grow in power
and grace. with 5 meth
odical braces, go unto the
left field, and publish your
thoughts anonymously. La!
Sent to a Louisville developer of (walkable?) property that had been listed as an art gallery, which is why they were on my list

359th Card

The elegiac quistarkten of
animal trails runs down
your leg. Down, boy! Do not
listen to the tools trying to
waste your time and argue
to exhaustion with crap from
infamous pseudoscientists.
But I digress. When is
the last time you tripped?
Averaging the bomb-diggity
into your shoe collection
is not living. Reach out. Become.
Sent to a small press editor

358th Card

From a Huntsville native
When without whistles
you replace the half of
your mind you dislike,
they will call you a [red-
acted]. But when you join
thed Communist party,
we will all know you are
still a robot. When the
violent women take you
to hand and put a ring on
you, you will know happiness.
Sent to a small press in Alabama


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