344th, 342nd, 343rd, 340th, 338th Postcards


344th Card

From a Kentuckian
Elevate, but do not res-
pire. Close the shop and
piece together your thou-
ghts. Be not overslow,
but do stop and consider
where you might wish to
be in a few years. Make
it not a piece of theory,
but a piece of business.
Reach out and assemble
cards. The campaign is not
worth it monetarily. Why then?
Sent to a Kentucky small press

99 cent sale 2/1-2/4 at 4pm The Driftwood of Our Lives Washed Up on Some Foreign Shore on Amazon

342nd Card

From a Kentuckian
Not a submission! Alley
ways return with hopes,
but [offensive censored]
closures of mind are non-
refundable. See night
and know rocket-bliss.
Apple denies you, but no
one takes you seriously.
All diminishment of terms
is bought and stolen from
your networks. Ballyhoo!!
Sent to a Kentucky small press that offensively presumptuously tells their submitting poets they have to use dictionary spellings (and even which dictionary). HA! But they do over 20 titles per year… by CreateSpace…

343rd Card

From a Kentuckian
Your itemized deductions
will always fail you, yet
your taxes are never sp-
ent on your landscaping.
Avoid hazards… Requ-
ire elementary agreement.
See in the mirror Hakim
Bey. Request details
upon receipt. No allit-
eration of clues is perm-
itted. But Uber allows Ballyhoo
Sent to a Kentucky small press

340th Card

Strategy continues to evolve
Site traffic has been surg-
ing, and site index is much
improved, listing all my st-
uff online. New site (on
front) doing very respect-
ably on its fourth day. 2
Critics so far have been un-
able to provide proper
citations. But did add some
more info to address. Neglec-
ting homework. Need to fix that.
Sent to someone I know

Most links are We Demand New Order / Watch for Spirit … The Revolt Ever to Collect Its Due … As You Disintegrate … and Save the Oxygen


The Earth could perhaps
run out of oxygen. Check
out site on front. Now, for
a poem: Ideologically distinct
from the other enforcers,
he restrained himself and
rebuilt and retooled and
hotlinked. Closure of infanti-
cide was not told or thought
much, but weasels in the
wires took the reverse
cowgirl to the extreme.
Affiliate linking is bogus. La!
Sent to a media network

Image from a stop-motion animation project I can’t currently find that I did.


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