333rd, 335th Postcards

01333rd Card

One by one go the killer
bees, and three by three the
ants. 5×5 go the piskies
in formation, and never
mentioned in the EULA
were the bees. Signs in the
sky call your name, and tub-
eriffic calliopes drain the
notes from the wind. All
together we play, and alt-
ogether we dances. Witches
in wineries and nettles retire.
From a Louisvillian. Ballyhoo!!
Sent to a Louisville literary journal
Today I put the three poems,
http://bit.ly/1ZFgn6t and
and my email address in the box
Sending to Kentucky literary journals
and the fronts began to say
“Stop the Oxygen Catastrophe…
“The Driftwood of Our Lives Washed Up on Some Foreign Shore” on sale 99 cents beginning tomorrow. 4.5 stars. Be the third to review!

I was a crust of mind
Drifting on a stream
Soon to become waterlogged, and sink
Oh, to be a mote in black oblivion
Categories of things sift into conspiracies
Everything is a symbol of something else
http://bit.ly/1Klzoyz #synapticsyntactic
“Ziggomatic Keys: Synaptic Syntactic”


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