306th Postcard and Update Bits


Methodical cyclotrons of
the Near East gather tog-
ether and replace us. Imp
ossible to find donors this
way. Which way is up is
relative though. Theoretical
influence of anarchism. Too
many archetypes to list.
to the wise are required and
replaced. Not unwilling to
submit but no time, no time.
Who knows what’s best? Ballyhoo!
Sending to a literary journal
(Poetry Editor of course)
Germany is reading my bitlinks reliably, some days exceeding US. Others not registering much in the bitly.com app. 12ish clicks a day plus or minus (which includes typing them in, I think?) But I didn’t use the bitlinks when I compiled everything on Psychic Fugue Studio. Save the Oxygen .org coming within a couple days I think. And I am going to get with the program of End Fossil Fuel Subsidies. [[UPDATE: Also doing a bit more in the way of emailing environmental organizations, or when whoever I want to send to has no snail mail address]]


Bottom image: http://blog.facilelogin.com/2009/11/amazon-cloudfront-with-blogger-blogs-as.html

Top image: I dunno I downloaded that a LOOONG time ago


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