274th to 282nd Postcards


274th Card

From a former client. Note:
it turns out the Earth
could run out of Oxygen!
(See top link) A poem: Thoughts
accumulate and scatter every-
where. The methods and
strategies are continuously
retooled. Each way to sun
day they went (there were
several, in this place of
branching time) The angels
all took their places and
smoked. An adventure it would be
Sent to a lawyer

275th Card

Fancy that. I’ve lived at
2 different 808 addresses,
both in Nashville. I found
the envelope the book came
in so I’ll send you some post
cards. A poem: Rocking the
ether with methodical grace
/ Streaking through alleys
and streets in the cold /
Improbable changes and
feeds burning up / Building
a following and making small money
Sent to a poet

276th Card

Dancing beside with the
elbows / feeling those feel
ings of greed / needing no
angels to save / reuiri-
ng help to unbuckle /
requiring sense to re-
seed / Seeing the truth
of your nature / Seeing the
apples and keys / Watc-
hing the Watchman above
me / Dreaming of demons
and death X Ballyhoo!!
Sent to a literary journal

277th Card

There were eight of them.
Then there were saucepan of
them. I knew something was
up but couldn’t quite put my
finger on it. The mind was spi-
nning off in its floating green-
house. The termite mound took
on proportions of the theorem
of Avogadro’s number. Integers
suddenly became irrational,
and all in the service of science
Night was unwound and time
was in question. Have you
had your psychedelics this month?
Sent to a literary journal

278th Card

There were eleven things
she had to pack before
she left for campus every
morning. It got complicated,
as most would be unpacked
again at home and in the
winter, boots and coats and
hats. And of course packing
her pockets! And the obligatory
go cup of coffee, beer, or (once
in a great while) whiskey. She
liked class, but homework was
tough to get started on. But this
day, she got to stay home, taking
______________________________ cough syrup and HBWR seeds Ballyhoo!!
Sent to a literary journal

279th Card

How they found it.. Long
story. But not to put too
fine a point on it, they eng-
aged a little of everything.
Do not be late. That is the
first rule of interviews. When
can you come to the TV?
I will be there soon. Or in
the newspaper. Or just on
the internet. The traffic
is spiking. Diminishm
ent of terms has not done.
Preponderance of spoons votes.
Sent to a literary journal

280th Card

Honorary publications are
not asked. Nor are the
bodies of teenagers or drops
of LSD. 2/3 of our readers
are all the same. While
the other third are gossiped
about excessively. Going
through seven stages, you
read of Hakim Bey. Nine
players are crossing the road
without panache. The cold of
March blows on your skin.
Your partner waits patiently
with baited breath. Ballyhoo!!
Sent to a literary journal

281st Card

Symbolism of stigma aside,
perhaps paranoid schizophr-
enia is an asset after all.
The mail seems to be going
through. Web traffic is way
up. When you only go through
the motions you don’t see
what can be heard. And no
reason to stay off drugs, either!
Some life will find you. This
one tries to remake the wo-
rld. Thus do not go gently.
Consult a shaman, if you like.
Sent to a literary journal

282nd Card

I had this design sitting around
for 2+ years, meaning to get
it printed up. Then I found
out that the Earth could
run out of Oxygen and the
Paris Climate deal is a fraud.
(See links). So I am sending
1000 postcards, some direct,
some poetry, some other
but all different and all with
those two links. You should do
an article on me! Louisville
since 2010. Not seeing it in the media
_____________________________ ? Ok Ill do one if you want
Sent to an alternative weekly paper

Book Samples:

Sleeping in the nights we heard a calling
Our feet took us anywhere we wished to go
And many places we didn’t
http://bit.ly/1Klzoyz #ebook

There is no skill to a needle
Manufacture is automatic
Pharmacology differing over time, the catalogue,
http://amzn.to/1Osm1R2 4.5 stars

(Near) Complete list of projects and media online by me:
1000 Postcard Project: http://bit.ly/1PBwQxZ
micropoetry http://twitter.com/tribalephemeral
$1 a month perks http://patreon.com/lostinmist
Nifty web art + words project: http://bit.ly/1RPkhFG
Book sample: http://bit.ly/1RNLB73
Book: http://amzn.to/1Klzoyz “Ziggomatic Keys” #poetry
For the audiophile: http://bit.ly/1RNLxnS
Book: http://amzn.to/1Osm1R2 “The Driftwood of Our Live Washed Up on Some Foreign Shore” #poetry
Drawings: http://tribalephemeral.tumblr.com


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