262nd to 266th Postcards


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262nd Card

So the issues under question
here are that the Earth
could run out of Oxygen
starting in 2100 if Ocean
temperatures go up 6ºC
because the phytoplankton
could die off. Some cards
are poetic or other rather
than direct (most). Also
$5300 billion a year on fossil
fuel subsidies and rich cou
ntries pledged only $100 billion at Paris

263rd Card

I’m sending close to 1000
of these, have given a few
away, posted some to bulletin
boards. Strategy continues
to evolve. Have sent to indep-
endent coffee shops, book
stores, art galleries, small
presses, environmental orgs
literary journals, the odd
newspaper or politician
working twitter wordpress and
facebook. Back in school

264th Card

Cats will play and dogs will
pay / 1000 lights are blinking
/ some were duds and some
got mud / but everyone is
thinking / A shot of Jack /
a call to Mack / the ship
it could be sinking / Scream-
ing for light / screaming
to fight / have you got
an inkling? 2 more coming
Hope this finds you well

265th Card

A. factor is not missing
B. Tremulous voices on the
other end preclude you
C. Symptomatic of the
question is demonstrable
through verifiable Irises
D. Question not the thought
but who, you must know
E. Dream telepathy and
emergent properties and
synchronicities F. Ballyhoo!

266th Card

The artfulness of the sly
dodgers was unquestioned,
but each developed the
others theses without
guidance. Trust Faith
Reason Love. Method
architecture can be found
Much work. Meet with
success. Tremors ran thr-
ough the dust and each took
the other to hand and said:
The 2 links on all cards:
O2 Catastrophe
Paris Fraud


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