257th to 261st Postcards


257th Card

Seven time he said no,
and once he said Yes, but
each before Others took
notebooks in Hand. Signs
became baubles and took
in the Others roads bec-
ame Nightmares and took
off their Dress. Time
was not Wasted, but Bubb-
led and Flumed. Night was
o’ertaken and all was in Rest.


The memories of dust were
thin yet true. All alliterated
to the hues were our thou-
ghts of sinew and clay. All
our challenges were wrou-
ght of stars and methods
of transcription. RNA was
our medium, and the tele-
pathy of dreams was our
method. The oxygen of
catastrophes, the message
in hand. True but see
______________________ disclaimer.


Sounds to the edges coach
the glow through the mist
The edge of diminishment
of terms was near, yet
avoided. All drumming
Stopped, yet to each his
own. The extinction of the
animals multifarious yet
nil. Too much truth to
be had for one little card.
See end user license agre
ement and be advised.


Sending 1000 cards for
climate change (see top 2
links) and myself. Some
are poetic, some direct
some other. The strate-
gy continues to evolve.
Picking up a lot of differ-
ent projects to juggle. Must
do some homework today.
Just secured a new job so
hopefully I can keep it.
Graduating in May! La!


Waiting out the silences
Waiting for the message
to go viral. The oxygen
catastrophe is all too real,
and we’re hurtling towards
it at breakneck speed.
It is not too late. Though
there’s no telling what it
may take. Protests in
every city perhaps. When
will the world energy
revolutions be? Who can say?

Image: <a href=”https://www.defenseindustrydaily.com/Baking-in-the-Mojave-Sun-US-Army-Awards-2B-Fort-Irwin-Solar-Farm-Project-05858/”>Defense Industry Daily</a>


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